Lifting Program

  1. Lifting Program

    I am 6'2 255 pounds and iv been using the same lifting program for about 6 months. At first i was getting GREAT strength increases but laitly it was tapered off.. i read the rules and i dont want someone to MAKE me a program...i was wondering if there are any sites online that u can go to find workout programs etc. What i want to do is gain about 10-15 more pounds and just get as strong as i possibly can in the next 2-3 months. thanks a lot any help would be great.

  2. Check the sticky here, we have some outlined styles of training, has some good ones as well.

  3. What is your current program like? Have you read about these styles?;thread****1388

    If you want pure strength, try Westside training, otherwise let us know what you've been doing. Any variation usually helps though.

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