Is this split legit?

  1. Is this split legit?

    Currently I'm doing:
    Monday: Delts, traps and tri's
    Tuesday: Quads, calves, abs
    Wednesday: OFF
    Thursday: Back, Hams, Forearms
    Friday: Chest, Biceps abs, calves
    SAT and SUN are OFF days....I'll do cardio on those days and Wednesdays, Tuesdays as well.

    What do you guys think? Feel free to change it around.

  2. i like changing it up every now and then. sometimes i work like with like (aka: back, biceps/ chest, triceps/, etc). otherwise when i do a four day split it usually looks like:

    Mon - chest, biceps
    Tues - total legs, abs
    Wed- off
    Thurs - shoulders, traps, tris
    Fri - back, forearms, abs

    i also alternate btw doing a four day split and a three day total body lift combining HIT/HST principles. works for me.

    your split looks ok. personally, i'd work hams w/ legs since youre generally hitting them anyway with squats and deadlifts. you really don't need to work calves twice a week, though it's ok if you prefer. the only problem i see is that you're working biceps and back one after the other. since back incorporates a lot of biceps - and your bi's are likely to be sore following your thurs lift - you might risk overtraining them on back day. consider switching biceps to monday, which would give them enough rest time for your fri back lift. then you'll have the weekend to rest.

  3. ok then I would be doing chest and triceps, then delts and biceps.

  4. yeah. working two like muscle groups on the same day is different from working two like groups one day after the other. since youre partially working tri's w chest youll just be hitting your tri's doubly as hard on fri. try that for a few weeks then try switching it up again

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