Arm routine while on gear?

  1. Arm routine while on gear?

    Hey bros... for those of you who train arms in the same day, how mnay different excersizes do you do per bi's and tri's while ON gear? the rest of my body seems to be out-growing my arms. The way my arm routine is set-up would seem to be overtraining, but I'm on 500mg's of test-e per week right now w/ 50 mg's of Anadrol per day. Your imput is appreciated.

  2. you are most likely overtraining your arms.

  3. I used to do 6 exercises when I trained arms by themselves. 2 Tricep exercises, 2 biceps, 1 tricep and another bicep. I've since found better results by not doing an arms day at all.
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  4. yeah that just goes to show you your arms were being over trained. I do 4 excercises for arms once weekly. For bis I may do BB preachers superset with hammers - 3 sets 8,8,6. For tris i may do close grip bp super set with frenchpress - same sets and reps as bis

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