back problems

  1. back problems

    Everyone always has periodswhere their back bothers them...So my question is, is there anyone on here that has developed a science at stretching exercises and back exercises?
    Any good web sites with tutorials?

    The reason I ask is that Im assuming my back problems have more to do with my back not being so flexable and some muscles being stonger / some weaker from the fact that I dont work out that much anymore but still go heavy on basic exercises.

  2. From personal experience I have found that keeping my hamstrings stretched out helps a great deal.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. If I slack off on abs my back starts to ache. I find lots of weighted abs, leg raises, and good mornings for my lower back keeps my back feeling good.

  4. Big bump on keeping the abs in shape. I suffer from lower back issues as well. Keeping the abs in shape helped me big time. Also the best time to do any stretching is before you even get up out of bed in the morning(bladder permitting). While laying flat on your back in bed ..pull your knees as close to your chin by hugging your knees...just take it slow and experiment until you can feel the stretch in your lower back. Then pull your knees up further and further a little at a time.

    Along with the stretching and the ab work I also changed my shoes. I bought a pair of Keen hiking/outdoor type sandals and that helped alot out too. I carry a backpack around with me alot and I bought a better backpack that distributes the weight alot more evenly throght my shoulders and back. It was an rocks. Winters here and I have had to switch back to my hiking boots and I feel my back starting to tighten up. Im probably going to look into getting a better pair of shoes.

    wheew in short ..stretch before you get out of bed.. do some ab work...invest in a good pair of shoes...if you carry a backpack alot look into something like obusforme.

  5. Abs in shape, seated stretches, laying on your side and pulling a knee up to the chest.

  6. I have found that if you can find the right weight for good mornings that they are amazing!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  7. Cory Everson has a great book on back issues. talks about stretching/strengthening etc. Has been out a while but is still very relevant. There are also a number of sports/fitness stretching books.

    An additional approach to look at would be Yoga back routines. Having been in the martial arts for 37 yrs & a couple of "interesting" motorcycles "accidents" my back is sometimes a total mess.

    I use a combination of the stretches I learned, Yoga (what little I know), alternating cold/hot, ab & low back strengthening, a good joint formula and last but not least a twice daily dose of Alleve.

    I personally like to stretch my back while I'm in a hot tub or a nice hot bath or shower at home. just remember more accidents happen in the tub at home than anywhere else...LOL

  8. i feel ya bro, i have lower back issues too. I only do abs once a weeks with not much intensity. i think i will start doin them twice a week with more intensity.


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