bfs program question...??

  1. Question bfs program question...??

    hi everyone,

    i was wourndering if any one know where you can get the bfs (bigger,faster,stronger) program that calculates the amount of weight you should be doing for that set of reps.Im not exactaly sure what it is but our highschool stregnth and conditiong coach last year did this program with us and first we would go in and max out in a 5-3-1 format then he would put the numbers in and give us a print out of our work out with the correct weight?but he is not at our school anymroe and i wanted to continue with the program so any help would be greatly appreacited

  2. Google? I have no idea about where you would find this. Sorry.


  3. that was my first resort and i couldnt dint it so i was hoping someone on here could help me

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