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    Well let me first apologize, because I'm sure there has been post ont his before and I"ve searched for them but nothing really what I was looking for. I just started lifting weights to lose fat and gain strength. Different places I've looked say different things for as a workout schedule. For somebody just starting out is it best to do a total body workout around 3 times a week or more of a split type of routine. Any suggestions as to a schedule would be helpful

  2. Im sure there are varying ideas about this, but assuming you are the average healthy male that has consulted a doctor before beggning an exercise program, I would reccomend full body workouts.

    Stick with compound movements initially.
    I wouldnt lift Mon Wed Fri. Take two or three full days off in between lifting.

    On off days do some cardio, play some basketball, yoga, GPP, etc.

    It sounds simple and basic because it is, and its what works.
    Good luck.

    By the way,my 16 year old little brother just started lifting. I have him doing Squats, RDLs, Bent Over Rows, and Bench Press one day on, two days off, with some jogging in between. Hes getting strong as hell, feels good, and looks good.
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  3. I suggest starting off with a 3x a week program for the first couple of months. Take some time to get the feel for the weights, motions, and your own body. You should look up some routines from the excercise database at to get a start then tweak them a littl to your own needs.

  4. do a basic 3xs a week, squat, bench, deadlift routine. mon squats, wed bench, fri deads and back. you will get gains from everything, just do compound movements to get the motions down and add some muscle. pm me if you want a basic routine. i'll give you one
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  5. I am going to say something different.

    Do a 3 day a week routine

    BTW great advice above by some relatively new people NICE GOING!

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  6. At 58 I have a different perspective on starting out, whether young or old. This is also based on over 30 yrs as a martial arts instructor and fitness coach. eveyone wants to jump in and be gung ho when they start out. i have found that it can cause early burn out and discontent on a social level. We are talking about 3 lifts/wk and a couple of cardios/wk that's 5 days of activity that the body is not used to and time out of life that a person is not used to. Time away from friends, family, TV, other recreation etc. My students always wanted to come 5-6 times a week. Train hard make blackbelt sooner etc. I would always limit their training to 2 classes a week for the first several weeks to allow them to adjust physically and socially to their training. Then I bumped then to 3 per week and asked them to do something physical 1-2 times a week (walking, stretching, biking , hiking anything that got them moving around). After a couple of moths I would suggest a strength progarm of 2/wk fullbody compound movements.

    So I would suggest 2/wk full body compound to start off. The days could be whatever fits the schedule ie: M/Th or Tu/F or Sa/Tu whatever fits & try to do something cardio such as walking, biking, using the stairs etc for the first 6 wks. Then if it has become a workout habit increase to 3/wk and a solid 2/wk cardio.

    Finally start light/hi rep 12-15/ 1 set first week upping it to 3-4 sets and finally dropping to 10-12 reps for the first 6 wks. give the body/ joints/ tendons/ligaments etc some adaptation time.

    Just on old foggies thoughts I know it may seem to slow and old fashioned but time is on your side.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    I am going to say something different.

    Do a 3 day a week routine

    BTW great advice above by some relatively new people NICE GOING!

    that's actually what i meant too. haha, i went back and edited it


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