split changes

  1. split changes

    i need ur guys' advice on changing up some splits.

    my main focus is chest, shoulder, triceps day. i need to add more excercises for my chest and shoulders. this is my main priority.

    here is my current split that ive been using for about 8 months now.(given the additional switch-up when needed to try and avoid plateaus.)

    Sun. - (back)
    bent-over rows
    lat bar pull-down(alternating grips)

    Mon. - (chest, shoulders, triceps)
    flat bench
    shoulder press
    close-grip bench press

    Wed. - (legs)

    Thurs. - (biceps)
    ez-bar standing
    rev. curls
    preacher curls

    [all excercises have 2 warmups, (except exc. that are working pre-warmed up muscles) and 4 heavy sets pyramiding down from 8-2;1]

    the reason for this is because of lagging parts- the chest and shoulders.
    these are my two most stubborn, but the chest a whole lot more than the shoulders.

    BUT, i need to try and still keep training times to a minimum, as im a hardgainer. these routines have worked well since i started them, but its time for a change-up. and due to the adding of more exc. to this one split, im probably gonna have to switch up most of my splits.

    any ideas would be appreciated along with what exc. to choose.


  2. You should incorporate some lateral raises for your shooulders. I also like dumbell presses on flat & inclined benches as a variation to wide or close grip bench presses w/barbells. Dips can also help with your chest.

  3. yea lat raises sound good, but i cant seem to find any other mass-builders for the shoulders. ive switched up the DB presses with the barbell every so often to avoid plateaus, but u think that i should use them WITH the barbell, huh.

    i guess its just gonna have to come down to trial and error for picking chest exc., but what have u and anyone else think about peck-decks for building mass? im assuming not very good.

  4. I don't really like pec-decs that much. I don't feel like it works my chest as good as dumbells. But that's just me.
  5. Split

    Well, somewhat along the same lines of you, I had been training chest/delt/tri together...BUT my delts were getting so pre-fatigued from the pec work, that my poundages for delt work was actually decreasing as my pec pondages went up.

    BUT I did not want to seperate chest/delt cause I did not want to wind up screwing myself in terms of recovery for my delts.

    So I no do this:
    4-upper back/biceps

    So far it is workoug great and I can not believe how much stronger my delts are seperated from chest, I am talking up 30-50lbs on each side, on seated O/H db presses.

  6. glad its goin good for you bro. i included some lat raises, added some supersets, and started doing dips again. so far it seems to be working out alright. we'll see how it goes.

  7. yeah i'm not a fan of doing shoulders on the same day as chest also..


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