New Workout Program - PLEASE HELP!

  1. New Workout Program - PLEASE HELP!


    Lately I have been hitting the gym pretty hard, but I think that its time to get a new workout program. I started looking around, and here is what I came up with:

    Upper Body
    -Horizontal Pull(8-10 Sets)
    *Bent over or seated Rows
    *Dumbbell or machine reverse flys
    -Horizontal Push(8-10 Sets)
    *Bench press or chest fly
    Bicep Workout(2-4 Sets)
    *Some sort of curls
    *20-30 on Treadmill

    Lower Body
    -Quad Dominant(8-10 Sets)
    *Leg Extension

    AB Workout
    *20-30 on Treadmill

    Upper Body
    -Vertical Pull(8-10 Sets)
    -Vertical Push(8-10 Sets)
    *Shoulder Press
    *Lateral or Front Raise
    *Upright Row
    Tricep Workout(2-4 Sets)
    *Tricep Extensions
    *20-30 on Treadmill

    Lower Body
    -Hip Dominant(8-10 Sets)
    *Leg Curls
    [b]-Calf Workout

    AB Workout
    *20-30 on Treadmill

    -REST DAY!

    On upper body days I will be using the alternating set technique. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks!

  2. To be honest it is kind of hard to comment because you really didn't state what your goals are. Do you want to bulk up or are you wanting to loss a lot of fat?? I have trained using a lot of routines and different methods but the one that i am sold on at the moment and has been showing really good results for awhile now is HST. Hypertrophy-Specific Training : : Official Home of HST
    It will tone you up and help put on the mass. Check it out if you are looking for something new to do. Good Luck :cheers

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