Training Question

  1. Training Question

    Hey guys, I have been doing Max-OT for about 6 weeks and haven't really seen any gains from it, and just not too happy with it period. I am starting on monday my PH stack of T1-Pro and 1,4Andro. I want to switch it up to a different routine/style starting this monday and then continue it for my whole PH cycle, then after switch over and try HIT during post cycle. Any reccomendations as to what routine/style to use while on?

  2. If you'll be starting your cycle tomorrow, you may want to take a long hard look at GVT if you haven't already... many many good bros have given personal testimony of very good progress using GVT while on... I personally am not using PH/AAS, but will be switching to GVT/OVT from HST pretty soon, as it's getting quite boring and I like even more the way GVT is set up.

    GVT Biooootch

  3. Biggin how are your gains with HST?

  4. not bad, not mind blowing either... I personally have become partial to increased frequency, but I don't like low volume so much, as with HST you're using approx the same total number of sets per week, but far fewer per session... so as I said I'll probably switch tomorrow... it's worth a try if you haven't done it though... I'm at a point where, even though I've been and will continue to be natural, my only physical stress comes from working out so I should be able to keep diet and rest under control to assure adequate revocery with GVT... so we'll see I suppose. might try to keep track of everything and start a thread examining my take on "OVT" from the perspective of a guy who's never cycled PH/AAS

  5. I think i'm going to start GVT starting tomorrow hile starting my PH cycle.

  6. Hey biggin since you are a natural like me , I think you would benefit better from a HIT routine , maybe some GVT after 6 weeks on a cycle for 4 weeks to push further gains and avoid any plateau.

  7. thanks raul, you bring up an interesting point, but since I was doing a somewhat modified version of HST, and HIT never seemed to work well, I think the switch itself should be sufficient to spur continued stimulation.

  8. So i guess you going now back to GVT BIGGIN!? , good luck on the journey then!

  9. thanks bro.. I'll get out of getoboy's thread now ... looking forward to updates though

  10. Stay in the thread as long as you want, make yourself at home

  11. bigging always hijacking the threads

  12. Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    bigging always hijacking the threads


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