Need help with a split idea

  1. Need help with a split idea

    Alright yesterday on the headline of was an article about circuit training full body 3 times a week. Granted it was 3 sets at one exercise per body part. I understand this is low volume but the author, who is also a personal trainer and has conducted 20,000+ research logs on clients at his gym, said by hitting the muscle 3 times a week, it will be constantly growing, thus growing bigger and stronger than hitting it once a week, not to mention you will be cutting more fat. Currently I am doing the GVT program in which I have seen tremendous strength gains. Upon my completion of GVT, I am now looking for a program that will possibly improve my strength, but get me as chisled as possible for summer. Here's my idea

    Superset 1
    Bench Press- 5 reps
    ATG Squats- 5 reps

    Superset 2
    Incline Bench- 5 reps
    Leg Press- 5 reps

    Superset 3
    Weighted Dips- 5 reps
    Leg Curls- 5 reps
    complete all supersets 3 times with a total of 1:30 rest time in between

    Superset 1
    Weighted Pullups- 5 reps
    Shoulder Press- 5 reps

    Superset 2-
    Seated Rows- 5 reps
    Lat Raises- 5 reps

    Superset 3-
    Deadlift- 5 reps
    Barbell Curl- 5 reps
    repeat each super set a total of 3 times

    Then I was thinking to lift again on friday / saturday. Same excersises but instead of a target of 5 reps, something higher either aiming for 8 reps or for 12 reps. I was wondering if you guys think this could work in both increasing LBM / strength while becoming more defined because it is a circuit like workout.

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    Men's health has some great articles and books. I know allot of guys will say that you're not allowing enough recovery hitting full body 3 times per week, but I've found that for upper body at least I seem to be recovered enough to do a full body 3 times per week -- I'm doing a similar routine right now and am on day 11 of a SuperVol cycle, but with the SV I'm probably recovering faster than normal.
    Personally I say give it a shot and see how it works for you. Its got allot of great variety -- even in Arnie's Encyclopedia for his advanced routine, he's got a full body routine example 3 times per week . . .

  3. Well its actually 4 times a week each muscle getting worked twice.. i was thinking of a full body 3 times a week but I didn't know how to design one so if you have a good full body 3 times a week I'm all eyes and ears. Also I take 3 servings of xtend per workout day (helps w/ recovery) and am goin to start supplementing green bulge preworkout and primaforce cee post workout.

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