WIdth vs. thickness genetics

  1. WIdth vs. thickness genetics

    I have a naturally thick frame, however, my body lacks width. I am still young so would this have anything to do with lack of shoulder width. Is there anything I can alter with my training to add more width to my body such as lateral raises, pulldowns, and flyes, or am I stuck to let mother nature run her course?

  2. when you are as lean as possible (waist size), and have attained adequate quad and delt size, the illusion of greater "width" will be realized. just stick to the basics, you can't change your bone structure but you can, say, attempt to make your delts much bigger, which will certainly help... save lateral raises for later in your workout, hit db/bb overhead presses first (delts). squat, of course (legs), and yes pulldowns will help your lat width... remember, muscles don't get "wider", they only get bigger relative to their natural shape.... all that muscle shaping bull**** you read in mags is just that. by the way, if we all thought we were stuck to let nature "run her course", we wouldn't be artificially stimulating as much muscle growth as possible through specialized diet and weight training would we?

  3. Thanks biggin. I have definately thought about the illusion of width due to dieting and a good v taper. I have been destroying obliques lately to try to aid in this idea. I will definately take what you have said in consideration however on the order I perform shoulders. Any ideas on the number of sets I should perform to achieve maximal shoulder width. Should I keep my number of sets down and go heavy with low reps?

  4. blinky - the heavy, low rep style routine definately helped me to pack mass on my shoulders (10/8/6/4 style set). I throw a FoxSet side laterals at the end of my routine for a wicked pump before I leave the gym.

    Also - when the heavy/low rep routine stops giving you solid gains, a couple workouts with supersets/dropsets/etc (check out the 'shocking principles in Arnolds Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding) will really shock the delts to get them moving again. A few days of extra rest to recuperate from the extra intensity, and then right back on that heavy weight.

    That's what Ive been doing, and they keep growing!

    Do some research on MaxOT training, thats an awesome heavy/low rep routine that really builds mass and strength.

    Dont forget what Biggin said - to pound legs just as hard. I will also help to stimulate even more full-body growth.


  5. Our body is a fully developed V-Taper, if you look at our anatomical structure , our bodies resemble a V-Taper, the only thing that makes your body at that is reaching a good muscle size plus low bf.



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