How does this workout plan look?

  1. How does this workout plan look?

    I just got done dieting and want to put on some mass. I put together a bunch of compound exercises to work as much muscle as possible.

    Day 1
    Chin up
    Ez Biceps Curl
    Incline DB Press

    Day 2
    Leg Press
    Seated Leg Curl
    Upright Rows
    Military Press

    4 Sets of each exercise, 6-12 reps, drop sets.

    Rest on day 3 and repeat.

    Comments or suggestions? Any exercises I should add/delete?

  2. your CNS will be fried if you are squatting and deadlifting that often

  3. Agreed with the burnout from that much squating and deading. Also, is that the order you plan on doing them in? If so do your squats before leg press and in my own opinion on different days even. Find Glen and Beelzebub's training logs on here they both have setups that would work better I believe and are somewhat (slightly) similar to yours. Glen helped me out a long time ago and my thread had a routine similars to theres and I like it.

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