Finding a partner

  1. Finding a partner


    I will be working out in Oakland, PA, in Pittsburgh. I am new to the area, what's the best way to find someone to lift with? Not near my college or high school buds. Please offer some advice. I am not nearly as hardcore as some of the folks on here are, but I want to be now that I can devote some time and money into it. thanks.


  2. Test out a few gyms (most will give you a free trial week) and try making friends with some of the guys there and see if any of them need a workout partner. You can pretty much tell which people will fit your workout needs, just by watching how they go about their routine and how serious they are. Just my .02.

  3. Ask yourself this question? Self do I want look like a fitness model, or a bodybuilder? Give yourself an answer, and look in the yellow pages for fitness center's and gym's. From there, go to the one you want to join get a guest pass, and check out he atmosphere. From the guest passes you should be able to determine if the atmosphere is right or not.

  4. Great responses folks, thank you. I will be working out with a free memebership at the University where I work, but I think the general ideas you offered still apply.


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