Does the "Don't train obliques with weights else you'll get wide." rule apply to abs?

  1. Does the "Don't train obliques with weights else you'll get wide." rule apply to abs?

    If you use machine crunches...should you keep increasing the weight as you are able to? Or just keep it on something low (or use no weight at all) like oblique broomstick twist things?

  2. that depends on alot of factors. for example, i have a narrow bone structure and do not use anabolics, so its hard to really widen my waist using heavy weight (it just won't grow that much). however if you are a bodybuilder who already has a wide waist naturally and use anabolics, you may want to go easy on how much weight you use, especially when on

  3. Whoa whoa is this true? Lol, cause I hit the obliques all the time with weights.

    Recently started about 2 months ago but, is it a given for people not to train them with weights?

  4. most people don't have nearly enough muscle in this area to worry about it... weighted crunches etc are fine IMO, it takes a pretty long time to really build up noticable oblique size, and/or "thicken" your waist.

  5. I agree with Biggin, i would worry too much about that.

  6. Agreed, train them like any other muscle.


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