Overtraining while on cycle?

  1. Question Overtraining?

    I've conducted a search utilizing the keyword "overtraining" but I could not find the info that I was looking for so I thought that I'd ask you guys.

    How much is too much? In other words while on a 4-AD or 1-T transdermal product would it be in my best interest to work a body part out multiple times a week to get the most out of my cycle? If so, what is the max that I should be able to work a specific body part/week without risking harm or setbacks associated with overtraining?

    Please help.


  2. That's a tough question because everyone is different. Some recover faster than others, it's a matter of genetics and body type. While "on" most agree recovery is enhanced and the general concensous (SP?) is that a volume training approach is usually best suited for this period. Persoanlly I wouldn't recommend going more than 14 sets per body part at a max of once every 5 days (even that maybe to much).

    Maybe others can give their input.

  3. I am not a big fan of increasing volume too much. People think that just because they are juiced or pro-hormoned to the gills they can train balls to the walls all the time. Let's just say from personal experience this resulted in less than 100% gains. You still need to recover while on cycle, so if you think your up to increasing volume, just take it easy.
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    I think that you also need to take into account whether you are cutting or bulking, plus the amount of cardio you`re doing.
    For example, on my 4 week ONE cycle I did cardio 5 times a week (usually do it 2-3 times a week) and increased volume x 1.5 from my usual routine & reduced rest times.
    This resulted in overtraining after about 20 days - got an eye infection because my body was becoming deficient.

  5. Good information guys, thanks to all!

    I harken back to my Army days when we would do PT 5 days a week (M-F) with weekends as "rest" days. The program that I will be doing (mentioned in another thread) is more of a typical PT Program (pushups, situps, pullups, dips, body squats etc.) so I am not sure if one really can overtrain doing this 5 days a week as it is to my knowlege a current U.S. Service standard. I thought that I would also like to stay fairly clean on my diet but try to bulk.

    Any thoughts?




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