Sample workout from training for warriors- mma

  1. Sample workout from training for warriors- mma

    I just want to give a sample workout for those of you that don't want to shell out 60bucks for the video Training For Warriors, by Martin Rooney who trains athletes at the Parisi Speed School.
    This stuff has been working amazingly for me let me tell ya.

    First part is 30 minutes of the Parisi Speed School Dynamic Warmup. It's too much to explain but it's designed to improve performance for any sport.

    Second part is the energy system strength circuit which is designed to get you used to the lactic acid build up you encounter when fighting.

    Set a treadmill at a 12%grade and 8mph. Theres 8 sets to complete and after every set increase the speed by .5 mph.
    Set up a bar on the floor with 135pounds on it, set one up on the flat bench with 135 too.

    Now that it's set up do a 15 second sprint on the treadmill. Jump off and go to the bar on the floor. Starting on your knees do 6 clean and presses.

    Without rest go back to the treadmill and repeat the circuit. That's how the workout goes and your going to do 2 sets each of:
    Clean and Presses 6 reps.
    High Pulls 6 reps(it's like an upright row but start on your knees)
    Dips and bench press 8 reps each
    Chin up and Pull up 4 reps each

    After that They finish the workout with 15-20 minutes of sled pulls. with about 120 pounds on a fairly smooth surface. I use the track at my gym.

    I also don't have a sled I just had to improvise and bought a bunch of rope that I tie around the plates and strap it around my waist with a nylon lifting belt. Which barely fits me(Gee I got fat) Oh well.

    Oh yeah the guys on the video did the whole circuit in about 12 minutes. But again they worked up to that. The first time I did it it took about 18-19 minutes.

    So good luck I challenge anybody to try that, it will wear your ass out!

  2. I'm tired just reading it
    Interesting concept, do you feel that it has improved your strength or cardio more?

  3. It's helped big time with endurance and the ability to keep repeating explosive movements.

  4. Cool, thanks for that.

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