What is your program like

  1. What is your program like

    Just wanted to start a thread just to see the types of programs other people are doing. I'm about to start a 4 day a week Westside style routine myself, but I'm always curious to hear what other people are doing and how it works.

  2. i am also doing somewhat of a west side style routine. i have tailored it to my own liking though. i do alternate the max effort with the repetition lifts throughout the week. but i work muscle groups and then isolated movements at the end of each workout. my workout looks something like this;

    -LEGS :squats, leg press, deads, 1 leg 'speed skater squats,'extensions, curls, calves.
    -CORE: hanging abs, alternating declined sit-ups, countdown crunches, high cable crunches, bench reverse crunches, low back extensions.
    -BACK & BI'S : cable rows,pull-ups,chin-ups, hammer rows, barbell curls, dumbbell curls
    -CHEST & TRI'S : flat, incline, and decline press, cable chest flys, weighted dips, triceps extensions.
    -SHOULDERS : Bradford's, Arnold's, lat raises, upright rows, reverse peck deck, front raises, and forearms.

    i use different compound exercises for my repetition and max effort days. i also change up the isolated movements. i do less total exercises on all of my max effort days, and also allow longer rest intervals between sets on my max effort days.
    -I do no cardio to speak of, as i am constantly bulking.

  3. just wondering, you don't actually do bodypart splits do you? If so, that would definately not be a westside style routine, but it looks challenging nonetheless.

  4. I just finished a 3 month Westside program and have changed back to a typical BBer routine for the next 2-3 months.
    My split now is:

    I am following a TUT style with the weights and try to reach failure around the 8-10 rep range. Volume right now is moderate for upper body and low for legs.

  5. The only true similarity between my workout and the west side strategy is the alternating max effort and repetition workouts. i have also taken some notes on the efficiency of dead lifts est... overall it is a customized body building program. in the past i followed a strict west side for skinny bastards program for six weeks. my body fat percentage went from twelve to eight in that time period, and my actual weight did not change at all. so i did put on some lean mass, yet my goals have changed. I'm gearing more toward overall mass/weight gain rather than recomposition, thus the elimination of cardio...I have been following this custom workout for going on three weeks now. when factoring in water weight fluctuations i have gained one solid pound , yet my strength has risen significantly in all lifts. i plan to stick with this routine for a totally of eight weeks, changing up the exercises slightly at the four week mark.

  6. I do a 3-on 1 off / 2-on 1 off split.

    Day 1: Legs
    hack squats
    leg extensions

    Day 2: Chest/Tri's
    Dumbell Incline
    Dumbell Flat
    Cable Flys
    Peck Deck
    Weighted Dips
    Cable Pushdowns

    Day 3: Back/Hams
    Barbell Row
    Seated Wide Grip Row
    Standing Leg Curls
    Stiff Legged Deads

    Day 4: off

    Day 5: Shoulders/Calves
    Military Press
    Front Plate Raise
    Lateral Raise
    Reverse Pec Deck
    Standing Calf Raises
    Seated Calf Raises

    Day 6: Biceps/Traps
    Dumbell Curls
    Preacher Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Barbell Shrugs
    Overhand Grip Seated Barbell Shrugs

    I hit 4 sets with the last one being a drop set and keep all my reps to a minimum of 10. I just changed my routine this way and I've noticed improvements, especially on my legs. Still need to hit my calves harder though.

  7. I am not a naturally structured person, but I've been forcing structure on myself with routines, and it has worked. I was starting to get bored with it, so after reading BigPete's "How Animal Trains..." thread, I started mixing it up and doing it by feel more. Some weeks I'll break upper body into horizontal and vertical push/pull, a leg day, a forearm/calves/abs day, and an arms day. This has worked well for me. I end up hit my arms directly/indirectly 3x per week with this arrangement, which has been paying off. My arms have finally been growing a bit.

    If you alternate exercises in the push/pull, you can save a lot of time. For example, I do set 1 of DB flat bench, rest two minutes, and then do set 1 of BB rows. I rest another 2 minutes, and now I have rested more than 4 minutes for set 2 of chest. I feel this allows me to lift more weight while cutting down gym time significantly.

  8. Ya when I'm really short on time I superset antagonistic movements as well.


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