Maxing Out On Weighted Dips

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    How are you built bro? I dont how to explain the bench press lameness...thinking it could be due to arm length vs shoulder width (I have a typical ecto frame - long arms/relatively narrow shoulders). Im back to doing weighted dips again, but I never go below parallel with more than 2 plates, and never go below 6 reps.

    Hey BV. I do have kind of long arms, and my rear delts are pretty big, side delts allright, but I feel my front delts are under developed and weak. But I could never get them to get really big. I guess yo might be right.

  2. Same here bro, its hard to tell from your pic but we look pretty close structure wise.

  3. This is my favorite exercise also and when I finally worked up to a set with 100 added to my bodyweight in full ROM I tore my right pec minor on the negative of the 5th rep. Didn't hurt much as it happened; it felt like you were cutting all the rubber bands inside a baseball ! I knew I screwed something up so I stopped the set and put the DB back on the rack. I didn't know how bad it was until I realized I couldn't raise my arm more than 8" in either direction.

    The next day it hurt enough to where I couldn't shift gears in my truck without alot of bull****. I'd have to do it with my left arm and what a pain in the ass that was, LOL.

    Man, what a humbling ****in experiance. I went from dipping with 100 lbs to not being able to do one pushup ; if I tried to I'd bust my face on the floor as I had zero strength to hold myself up out of the lock out position.

    I thought it was my rotator cuff but the doctor said it was 'just' the pec minor. His advice was simply that it would hear on it's own and to just use light weights and to do so in super slow fashion.

    I'm finally healed ... three years later ... etc and through the whole thing didn't lose size like I feared ... but it's something I don't want to happen again.

  4. Dips are awful for the shoulders. Whats worse is as you get tired, the better chance of overstretching the motion. I'd avoid dips period! MAYBE with a seated dip machine, but there are better exercises.

  5. I wouldnt necessarily avoid them, the problem lies in going too heavy with a full rom. I think they're one of the best exercises for the upper body.

  6. I agree with Big Vrunga ; dips are one of the best upperbody movements . I believe you can get as close to your natural potential by being progressive on Squats , Dips and Chins.

    The problem of course is remaining progressive and using the weight you'll need to continually overload your muscles with just the three movements.

    I know someone who runs a well known gym in Phila who used 20 rep squats , negative dips and negative chins to the extreme many years ago and now wishes he didn't. He's still in great shape and trains, etc but has some never-quite-healing injuries and such he attributes to the amount of weight he worked up to in using these three big exercises.

  7. Man, I've been scared ****less after reading this thread. I'm 19, 145lbs and do sets of 6 with 95lbs and I can hear a popping sound if I go too low. I'm really going to have to be cautious about not going below parallel while going heavy. I sure as hell don't need a RC injury...or any injury for that matter

  8. I know what you guys mean. I just started doing weighted dips and yup, sure enough my right shoulder is giving me rotator cuff probs. I'm done doing them, weighted anyway. At first I didn't know what the problem was. My shoulder is pretty sore, but not painful yet. It warning me though. No more of those.

  9. Listen, don't blame the exercise ... some of us went about things in a way that could have been better.

    The guy I told you about did negatives to an extreme. He realizes that now.

    My injury was because of a couple of things ;

    One was that I was supposed to be 'off' training for two weeks as I had just reached another goal I set for myself, 405 X 15 in the trap bar deadlift.

    I then happened to visit a friend who managed a World Gym in Florida and thought it would be a shame not to take advantage of having a workout in such a nice gym compared to where I usually trained which was pretty much a ****-hole.

    I decided to tune down the workout poundages but couldn't back up when it came to the dips - because I'm an *******. The second thing was made it worse was that I felt tired and a bit overtrained and the dipping bars were much wider than I was used to , yet couldn't make myself reduce the weight even for one ****ing workout. Can you say STEWPITT ????

    This **** that happened to me easily could have been prevented ... and the sad part is I KNEW I was ****ing up but still went ahead anyway. It wasn't the dips - it was how and when I did thanm that ****ed me up.

    Anyway, I'm fine now and I would just tell you to be careful about things. Let what happened to me teach you something.

    Also, when I went to the doctor and told him I thought I had a torn rotator cuff by doing dips, he immediately said 'NO WAY', that the rotator could stand what I did , that usually a RC injury is a quick, unnatural movement that ****s it up. That was when he right away said mine was a minor tear of the pec minor .

    Hope this makes you feel better and continue dipping ... I still believe it's one of the best upperbody movements you can do and you are certainly stong it it. Just be careful and train smart ; I just happened to let my guard down for a week and it KO'ed my dumb ass .

    BTW, that was the only training injury I had in 20 years of training.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Dips just seem to put your shoulder and elbow joint at a bad position, leaving them prone to tearing or worse. That said, the position also activates more muscle fiber than most but it should obviously be done with extreme care.

    I manage to pull my uppermost thoracic vertebrae out of alignment everytime I do heavy dips.
    Yeah...I have to be real careful not to agrivate my shoulder when doing dips.

    I don't even do weighted ones anymore, mostly slow movements,higher reps, utilizing TUT.

    I do love the movement though.


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