Training routine problems.....

  1. Training routine problems.....

    Hey guys. I have officially stopped making gains and really dont know why. I have been all natural up to this point. My routine is as follows.

    -db flat bench 4 sets of 6
    -db incline 4 sets of 6
    -db close grip 3 sets of 8
    -Pec Deck 3 set of 6-8
    -triceps v bar pushdowns 4 sets of 8
    -triceps straight bar pushdowns 4 sets of 8
    -Pull-ups 3 sets of 10-12
    -lat pulldowns in front of head/ sometimes behind 4 sets of 6-8
    -seated rows 4 sets of 6
    -bicep EZ curls 3 sets of 6
    -dumbell curls 3 sets of 6
    -hammer curls 3 sets of 8
    -military press 4 sets of 6-8
    -dumbell press 3-4 sets of 8
    -upright rows 3 sets of 6-8
    -dumbell front raises 3 sets of 10
    -dumbell side raises 3 sets of 10
    -dumbell rear delt raises 3 sets of 10
    Squats 3 sets of 6-8
    Leg Press 3 sets of 6-8
    Leg Extensions 3 Sets of 8
    Leg Curls 3 sets of 8

    Then I repeat from beginning...
    I do this for 4 weeks then switch to 3 sets of 8 for everything with 1 minute rest.
    I am just very unsatisfied with my progress in the last couple of months. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, Although I am pretty wide, I have no thickness. Any suggestions on different lifts that are know to work on thickness that I am not doing? Thanks in advance!
    I am just very unsatisfied with my results the last

  2. Add deadlifts and BB rows to back day and you severely need to cut back on the delt volume; you currently do more sets for delts than legs. Add more hamstring work to your routine e.g. lunges and SL deads. You may want to combine delts and bis and work them 2 days after back. Generally wou need to focus more on compound mass exercises if you want more size.

  3. In addition, take a week or two off every few months. If you're not doing this already you'll find this can help.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by methyl-D
    Also, Although I am pretty wide, I have no thickness. Any suggestions on different lifts that are know to work on thickness that I am not doing?
    bent rows
    power cleans and snatches
    stiff leg DLs/good mornings
    hanging legraises

    I have never made better progress or been thicker since I switched over to a full body routine.

  5. when Im not making gains I switch everything up. My goal, my split, everything. I use about 4-5 different routines and switch em up every month or so.

  6. Hey methyl-D how's the diet? Protein intake is especially important. How long do your sessions last? How long since you changed the routine? I just made a completely new split and posted it in another thread, so if it's been a while, you might want to give that a whirl, not that I think it's so superior to what you are doing, but different stuff always promotes better growth.

  7. hi grunt76. I am trying to get in 3500cals/day. 200g protein/day (im 190lbs) I really dont change up exercises as often as I should. Every 4 weeks I change the intensity of my workouts. Im resting 2.5 minutes right now with 4 sets of 6 on most lifts so an average workout takes about 75mins. Am I overtraining in your opinion? If I dont train hard I feel like I didnt get a good workout.

  8. 75 minutes is a bit long when unassisted. Your body might be prone to releasing cortisol easily, so try to get the same amount of sets done in, say, 50 minutes. Your heart will (eventually) love you for doing that.

    Also remember that the larger your muscles become, the more regenerative abilities they require to maintain, leaving the rest for growth. Given a set amount of regenerative abilities, it is normal that you will overtrain more easily as you grow. You tear down the muscle fiber when you lift and you regenerate them back to maintenance and then to (hopefully) increased strength and size when you rest. If you tear them down too much, all your regenerative abilities go to putting back the muscles the way they use to be, with nothing left for growth.

    To alleviate this phenomenon, I suggest you do planned overtraining phases, that is when you voluntarily overtrain for about 3 weeks, then turn the volume way down for another 3 weeks, then return to what was your usual volume. This tends to enhance your regenerative abilities OVER TIME. Also, take 2 whole weeks off every 3-4 months. Really.

    200g of protein a day for a 190lbs athlete is OK if you are looking to maintain, but I would shoot for 300g for natural growth and at least 400g for assisted growth.

    Other than that, totally changing your routine at LEAST 4 times a year is a must for optimal continued natural growth.

  9. Grunt what do you mean by unassisted? Also, I will be starting a cycle of mdien/4AD soon. Should I increase the volume of my workouts when on it? Today I did chest and tris and I tried cutting down on the volume. I did 3 sets of 6 for incline and 2 sets of 4-5 flat, then close grip and flies. I was suprised at the pump I got from it. It is consideably less volume than usual. 1 more thing, how in the HELL do I get 400g of protein? I feel like I bust ass to get 200-250 lol. Thanks for all of your help man. lata

  10. BTW I take myoplex 2 shakes/day for 84g protein. Do I simply add more shakes?

  11. Chicken, tuna and turkey are good ways to get lots of protein. I have a personal saying for when I bulk: "A chicken a day keeps smallness away"...

    Chicken is great: you can just shove one in the oven for a couple hours and it's ready-yummy. Moreover, you can bring it along and eat cold during the breaks. Turkey is also good, especially ground IMO. Make patties, cook them and you have a low-fat, high-protein snack. You can make them ahead of time and pop them in the microwave whenever. On top of that, you can use the ground turkey in pasta, rice, whatever.

    And of course canned tuna. And shakes.

    Unassisted means without androgens.


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