simple question for the doctors and pro's

  1. simple question for the doctors and pro's

    im currently doing a 15minute cardio walk after my major muscle workouts
    on mon,wed and friday. should i drink my shake at the GYM before i get on
    the treadmill or after my 15min walk.
    heres 3 more questions, The faster you get your shake the better it is for
    muscle growth? if you work out and take your shake after you loose your pump
    will it have less of an effect? and finally if i drink my shake after my workout then
    get on the treadmill will my stomach enzymes be able to digest the protein correctly
    while im walking for 15mins of cardio?
    id love to know.

  2. What are your goals? And, what does yoru pre workout meal look like?

  3. im not sure what this has to do with my questions but, maybe you can make some sense out of this heres all my info. goals, workouts, some of my diet.

    i workout in the AM always wakeup 12oz watter and a apple followed bye --->>
    preworkoutmeal = Oatmeal w/skim milk and 1 whole banana, glass of OJ. sometimes il chop the banana up and put it into the oatmeal after its cooked.
    1hour later i go to the gym stretch 15mins and workout
    goals = get stronger, gain between 8-12lbs of lean muscle mass this year, and lower my body fat percentage im currently at around 11 or 12 id like to be at 6 or 7%.

    as far as cheat meals im bad i wont cheat for 2 weeks then il cheat 3 days straight and i cant help it

    i know what it takes to get a very low body fat percentage and that is intense cardio 45mins to 1hour straight 3 or 4 times a week, and a great diet.
    the reason im not doin cardio like that is because im just beginning to do legs and
    they hurt so much 3 or even 5 days after, i mean i can do cardio through the pain but
    i feel like im doing more bad then good.

    this is what my workout looks like right now
    DAY1 - 15min stretch 3min30sec on treadmill abs/Chest/tris [proteinshake/15minwalk]
    DAY2 - Rest
    DAY3 - 15min stretch 3min30sec on treadmill abs/Back/Bis [PROTEINSHAKE/15minwalk]
    DAY4 - Rest
    DAY5 - 15min stretch 3min30sec on treadmill abs/Calves/Quads/Hams [PROTEINSHAKE/15minwalk]
    DAY6 - 15min stretch 3min30sec on treadmill wrist/shoulders/traps [PROTEINSHAKE/15minwalk]
    DAY7 - Rest
    "Repeat" "Repeat" "Repeat" "Repeat"
    [walk at night about 20mins after dinner "every night"]

    FLatbench Barbell
    Incline barbell bench press
    decline dumbell
    Incline Flies
    3x8 incline curlbar crushers
    3x8 tricep pushdown
    wide arm pullups <------[greatest single workout of all time]
    behind neck lat pulldown
    cable rows "perfect form lay back dont involve lats"
    t-bar row
    hyper extensions
    2x12 20lb weight behind neck
    2x8 standing alternate dumbell curls 30lb weight
    supper setted with hammer curls 20lb weight
    2x8 standing long bar curls with 30lbs added going heavy

    Leg Extensions
    Reverse Leg curl
    Squats "back straight"
    2x20 standing machine 2x20 sitting machine "all the way up
    all the way down with pauses"
    Military press seated or standing "back straight"
    standing dumbell side laterals
    traps WIDE grip upright rows
    traps dumbell shrugs

  4. new workout routine, took me foreva to make but its done

    DAY1 - shoulders/traps/calves/hams/quads [15minwalk]

    DAY2 - [AM cardio 35min] fasted walk

    DAY3 - abs/wrist/Chest/tris [15minwalk]

    DAY4 - [AM cardio 35min] fasted walk

    DAY5 - abs/wrist/Back/Bis [15minwalk]

    DAY6 - [AM cardio 35min] fasted walk

    DAY7 - abs/wrist maybe lil cardio dont sore up legs

    "Nextweek put in some running for CARDIO VASCULAR HEALTH AND SPEED"
    to run down this week need rest just walk burn cals.

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