Modifying Existing Program for Maximum Results

  1. Modifying Existing Program for Maximum Results

    I'll keep this as short as possible.

    For me, I have always found myself lacking endurance. With intence activity I always seem to tire very quickly. This has directly impacted my training and I've always tried to use it to my advantage.

    When I started training, I used a typical 3 day split. It was a long workout and I was always dead half way through. But this program was for football and I just remained on it and did see large jumps in functional strength and speed. After HighSchool I researched and tried to adapt my program more to my needs. Over the last year specifically I have been using Modified Max-OT style. For me this seemed to work well. Shorter workouts allowed me more energy to go all out in the few sets I did per day.

    But for me, even the short 9-12 set workout didn't seem optimal. It is not full body tiredness, it is mulcular. If I bust out a hard set at bench, and often I can't do that same wieght and reps even after five minutes of rest. It gets worse when I would move on to incline. By the end of my 6 set chest day I have problems even contracting the muscle in a normal motion - it is just dead.

    Even though I am seeing good progress, I feel like I could be doing it better. Being the perfectionist that I am, I would rather run than jog, so I am trying to adjust my workout and optimize it for what I need.

    Below is a sample workout



    DB Flat Bench 3x6
    DB Incline Bench 3x6


    Squats 4x5
    SLDL 3x7

    Wednesday (Easiest day)

    EZ Bar curls 2x6
    Hammer curls 2x6
    Weighted crunches 2x10
    Cable crunch 2x10


    Dips 3x8
    Weighted Pullups 2x8
    Barbell Rows 2x6


    Military Press 3x6
    Side Lateral Raises 2x6


    As you can see, low volume. Here is a rough draft of a similar, new plan




    DB Flat Bench 3x6
    Hammer curls 3x6
    Weighted crunches 3x10


    Side Lateral Raises 3x6
    Barbell Rows 3x6


    Squats 4x5 (I never have a problem and my legs are by far my strongest feature)
    SLDL 3x7


    DB Incline Bench 3x6
    EZ Bar curls 3x6
    Cable crunch 3x10


    Military Press 3x6
    Dips 3x8
    Weighted Pullups 3x8


    This allows a few more overall sets per week, but less on one muscle per session. Not only will this allow more overall intensity per session per exercise, it will also hit the muscle groups more often and promote more IGF-1.

    This week is my off week from training and I'm looking to finalize this by next week so I can start it up. Any more intelligent minds have any comments or suggestions for me? Thanks

  2. Anyone got anything for me?

  3. well i am not claiming to have a more intelligent mind, but why are you working out 5 days per week, especially when they are all in a row.
    most of your workouts seem quick, like REAL quick.
    also, you are doing your chest and bi's twice per week, and all i see for tris are dips.

    i have never seen a split done this way. I would start throwing a lot more volume in there, but switch from max-ot to a higher rep range, like 8-10. also, are you on a low carb diet? (cuz this may be the reason you don't have a lot of energy)

    I would also try a new split, whether it be the common 4 day (chest/tri's, legs, back/bi's, shoulders/abs) or even a push/pull split (which I am currently on now and i really enjoy). full body workouts are good too I hear, i haven't tried a 3x per week split yet though.

  4. I can give a bit of explaination. I'm healing my left tri from what I'm not sure. It is getting better and dips are the best for keeping them working but not hurting myself. I may have a PT look at it.

    Essentially I added some volume and split my upperboy workout apart...

    While I'd still like to hear feedback, I have just desided to put myself in the hands of Bobo. Feel free to continue the discussion but I am not going to be actually doing it at least any time soon.

  5. nice! much better idea to work with bobo. make sure you post feedback.
    i'm assuming that you are doing the muscle building program....


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