Uberman's Sleep Schedule

  1. Uberman's Sleep Schedule


    Seems a little out of place here, but I figured this was the closest forum.

    Just wondering what your guys' take on it is. Is it really possible? Is it genius or idiotic? Would it be rediculous for a bb'er to try it?

  2. uh yeah.... not only is it not good for a Bodybuilder... it's not healthy for the majority of humans.

    That's retarded.

    For those to lazy to read it... it's sleep 20 minutes every 4 hours for a total of 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.

  3. WTF...that has got to be the worst idea I have ever seen...no REM sleep or any deep sleep stages = worst recovery and building of tissue EVER!!!

    do not live like this...sleep deprivation will get you no where as a BB'er or as a regular lazy fat ass, lol


  4. COTC you may want to read more about the Uberman Sleep Schedule, Basically it trys to train your mind into going to a REM stage quicker.
  5. da Vinci sleeping

    Kramer tried that on an episode of Seinfeld. He fell asleep on top of his girlfriend while making out, she then had him dumped into the east river because she thought he died. Not something I'd recommend.



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