This summer when I try a 6 week cycle, do you think I should switch up my training to be more oriented for mass, as in using HST, or any other specific programs, or should I keep doing what I am doing now and push strength while trying to gain mass? Right now I have a three day split of chest/tris, legs/shoulders, back/bis, which is alright when I have calories above base levels, but I am not sure if this will be optimal for mass while on aas. I have a 6-8 rep range.

Any suggestions would help.

db bench press 3*6-8reps
weighted dips 3*6-8reps
incline bp 3*6-8reps
cgbp 3*6-8reps
rope press downs (if I have time) 3*6-8reps

squats 3*6-8reps
leg press 3*6-8reps
calf raises 3*6-8reps
push press 3*6-8reps
sitting shoulder press 3*6-8reps

deadlifts 3*4-6reps
hammer curls 3*6-8reps
weighted pullups 3*6-8reps
barbell rows 3*6-8reps
standing bb curls 3*6-8reps