trying something simple

  1. trying something simple

    Ok im trying to put together a 3day full-body split.. my former routine had just way to many exercises and so I cut some add.. well anyway here it is tell me what you think

    Squats 4x8
    Leg Curls 4x8
    Seated Calf Riases 4x6
    close grip bench 3x6
    Tricep Extensions 3x6
    Dips 3x3

    incline bench 3x8
    Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 3x6
    Flat Dumbell Flys alt with Decline 3x6
    Close Grip Chins 3x3
    Barbell Curls 4x8
    Hammer Curl 4x8

    Deadlifts 4x6
    Barbell Shoulder Shrugs alt with dumbbell 4x8
    barbell rows 4x6
    Wide Grip Pull Ups 3x3
    Military Press 3x6
    Incline Dumbell Shoulder Press 3x6
    Side Laterals 3x6

    then on the days I dont lift i do either cardio or ab work.. well tell me what you guys think

  2. My only thought is that you might wanna do some standing calf raises too; trade 2 of the seateds, or just add em in.

  3. some opinions:

    im not a huge fan of leg curls unless its the lying variety. i would hit the hams with SLDL. seated calfs will hit strictly the solus of the calf muslce for a change up from seated to standing to leg press calf raise, is always good.

    on a personal level, 9 total sets for chest doesnt do it for me. I have to push that number to 12-14. (mostly pressing motion, finished up with some variation of a fly or crossovers)

    personally, i would move deads to my 2nd exercise, to get your entire back warmup thoroughly before hitting this big exercise. the wide grip or bb rows is a good canidate. everything else looking sound. Sage

  4. Whats your goals? Strength or size?

  5. for right now size is my goal..

  6. I'm in agreeance with Sage swap the leg curls with SLDL and also hit some standing calf's or leg press calf raises



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