a question of proportion...

  1. a question of proportion...

    hi, great forum!
    i have a rather unusual question, so all unusual answers are welcome as well...!
    i feel that either my shoulders are too wide or my head is too small...i'm 27, 5'11 1/4, 200 lbs.,
    stopped smoking a year ago and started working out around the same time.
    when i was smoking i was a tall skinny twig but since quitting i've gained quite some mass, probably around 25 lbs. and don't look so long now, but whenever i work on my shoulders, my head seems to be getting smaller and smaller and my body-proportion seems way off now....to the point that i get very self-concious about it.

    now i know, there's no "too-broad-shoulders" for a man, specially not in body-building, but i'm starting to feel really uncomfortable with my pea-head and now i'm thinking of not working my shoulders out at all and losing a whole lot of weight to balance my proportion out a little (when i was skinny, my head looked fine, but i just looked very loooong).
    any suggestions? anybody that experienced the same problem? are there maybe any exercises to make the shoulders appear more narrow? (or the head more big?)
    thanks for all inputs!


  2. I'm going to leave this one alone . . .


  3. HGH can make you forhead expand..take some an maybe it will make your head bigger!!!!! Seriously thoough, I had a friend in college who was big and his head was small. I would worry....if the muscles are big who cares!!!!!

  4. ...grow your hair out .. like a HUGE 'fro

  5. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    ...grow your hair out .. like a HUGE 'fro
    yeeahh, or some phat ass dreads...!

    i know, this is a weird thread, and i know most guys would kill for some broad shoulders...
    i'm just talking about proportion though.
    back when i was skinny i looked sooooo tall (at 5'11 1/4?), and i would look at guys taller then me (6' and up) that didn't even look that tall until i stood next to them. and i figured, it's cuz they weren't skinny like me...
    but now, that i gained some weight and definetly look better body-wise, i still have a very tall appereance, only that now my head looks like a pea, compared to the rest of my body.
    so i finally figured, that those other tall guys just had a bigger head than me, which in turn made them look more proportioned.

    anyway, i guess i'm just gonna loose a little weight (200lbs. is overweight anyway for my height) and just do more of a definition-work-out, and hope i can get a more proportioned body that way.

    and get them perm-curlers out, of course...!

  6. LOL. I'm proportioned like a midget i.e. thick thick thick When I was skinny my head looked way too big compared to the rest of me.


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