Slow down metabolism

  1. Slow down metabolism

    I'm 31 years old and I struggle to put on weight, I have been in the range of 165 to 178 pounds for the last 5 or more years, my question is..... What can I do to slow my metabolism I am desperately wanting to put on some weight. My ideal body weight that I have in mind is I want to be about 225 pounds but not fat or soft, maybe I can't retrieve this. I'm not sure. I just want to have some weight to play with in the gym because I want to try a lil bodybuilding but for fun. Any suggestions? Please help

  2. Eat more. At 31 you're done with your peak anyways which means muscle gains will come slower and your metabolism will slow all on its on. Gaining weight is simply calories in versus calories out. Track your calories for a week, maybe your macros too if you want to dial in your diet, and then add in a minimum of 500kcal more but if you want to put on 50lbs you'll want to do more.

    Also I want to preface all this with saying adding 50lbs takes a long time especially since you want a lean 50lbs.

  3. I fully understand that it will take time. And I understand the calories thing also. I eat pretty much every time I get a chance to do so to the fact that I make myself feel sluggish and sick lol even at work. I'm not sure how many calories I am taking in right now so I will count and see what I have been eating. 1 thing that I didn't understand that you mentioned is counting macros. What exactly is that?

  4. Macros are fats, carbs, and proteins found in your foods. Basically when you look on the nutritional box its counting macros but for a diet not fit for your body. IIFYM(if it fits your macros) is a diet based around the idea that as long as you fit what you're eating into your daily macros(lets say 30g fat 180g carb and 100g protein) its ok to eat so you can eat cake if it works in.

    But I'm not trying to explain IIFYM here because I'm not qualified I haven't researched it enough and I don't follow it. What I do know is if you track your calories along with macros you might find out if you're protein, carb, or fat deficient and can optimize your diet in that way too. Or you might find out if one area would be better to increase because you're already getting so much from another source. Does this help? If not goggling IIFYM for a few minutes might help.

  5. Yes that is great info. I will start my research on that. Thanks a lot bud.

  6. Your welcome! If you have more specific questions that arise from your research I have no doubt more verse members of this board would be happy to help you.


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