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    Too long, didn't read.An MRI is a great diagnostic tool, period. I did not say it is all he requires to figure out what's wrong, but it sure is better than just an x-ray.I would only choose a good sports therapy clinic and not just any chiro. Chiro's can do more damage. I've been to plenty. All I use chiro's for is their TENS unit, some A.R.T. and some other things. I do not believe in spinal manipulation whatsoever.OP - if you decide to seek some treatment, be careful what you do. If you have musclar pain, a TENS unit, A.R.T, and massage will work wonders.
    Too short, no evidence. Thats fine, I am not going to generalize chiro like you are however. Again this is subjective personal experience, backed with no science. I dont care about chiropractic medicine but I am not going to bash it and generalize it. Instead I will vouch for yoga for LBP because I know there is good evidence behind it for CLBP.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by braskibra View Post
    Too short, no evidenceThats fine, I am not going to generalize chiro like you are however. Again this is subjective personal experience, backed with no science.
    I edited what I wrote. I am not a doctor, however, I have LONG term PRACTICAL experience in all of this. I have worked with chiro's, Physical therapists, etc. What has worked best for me is a TENS unit, A.R.T, and good sports specific therapy from doctor's who have experience with lifters. Do NOT go to any clinic that doesn't have this experience. ONLY visit a sports-specific clinic, at all times, and only if you choose to get help for pain, and are not looking for solutions. The solutions will come from a combination of all of the above, along with good diagnostics.

  3. @Gutterpump i agree with you MRI is the king of imagining, it shows EVERYTHING.

    I didn't get too technical with my statements but,

    Jimmy walks in to the ER with pain in the lower back with accompanied sharp pain in the outer quad and hamstring area. Jimmy has has no history of trauma. the doctors assume that he is having symptoms from a moderate disk bulge they give him muscle relaxers and NSAIDs symptoms subside in 2 weeks

    Jimmy is back in the ER same issues they perform MRI and found a tumor jimmy is now in for surgery and it was not a disk.

    what I'm getting at is an MRI will show everything and yes a human has to read the image but this point also states that a human can miss a diagnoses a physical exam too, since there are so many variables and with out a proper images its nothing more than a crap shoot.

    OP, get a damn MRI push with your primary care get a clear cut image of whats going on it it makes you feel better its the only way to clear the mind sometimes

  4. First of all, the question isn't whether MRI or MRA is a good imaging device. Its whether it is indicated in this particular case, notice how you provide an example of someone going to the emergency room for back pain, which is a red flag. As far as we know OP is in abscence of any red fflags, which is in accordance for clinical guidelines against imaging of low back pain. In addition although MRI may show abnormalities, often these abnormalities are not the source of pain as in someone whom may have a minor disc issue but is actually suffering from piriformis syndrome.

    Again, I will state it is up to the medical professional to decide, not the am forums and with that I am unsubsribed to this thread, nothing personal I just don't see any thing changing in this discussion.

  5. There are several things that needs assessment. Something is likely pulling your sacrum out of balance, and it could be lack of transversus abdominis activation (very common), way tight piriformis, dysfunction of gluteus medius (and quadratus lumborum substitution) amongst others.

    Also check whether you're pronating or supinating your feet, and whether you're in an anterior or posterior pelvic tilt.
    My bet is TrA and/or GM dysfunction. Strengthen them, and work on diaphragmatic breathing and core activation in your daily life.

    Hope this helps!



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