Squat+Deadlift form check

  1. Squat+Deadlift form check



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  2. Looked decent man!! Few knit-picky things to note.
    Squat: find your foot positioning better. Your left foot was searching a bit. You seemed a lil un-easy during your set up overall.
    Also, the "hip break" is very good. BUT.... Don't use that as a reason to lean quite so far forward. Try to keep a slightly more vertical chest (not bad, like I said, minor tweaks!)
    Deads: keep that butt down! It shoots up every rep. Also, keep your head neutral. That is a mistake I make all the time and have to remind myself. Don't crank up so hard, just because u look up, doesn't make the bar go up.
    Overall looked good though man, nice lifts

  3. Squats: Maybe try flexing your core more and keeping your head pointing up so that you are more stable. You seem to wobble a little on the way up.

    Deads: Looks good! I can see you are dropping the weight quickly after you reach the top of the lift and I think your grip strength is probably holding you back. Have you considering using straps so that you can put more weight on and work your back?

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