Jim Stoppani ??

  1. Jim Stoppani ??

    Has anyone used any of his work outs? I've just learned of them, they seem pretty legit. If you've tried his plan please tell me how it was! Oh and his supplements I've heard were decent, has anyone tried those?

  2. I've used his PWO ,,,it's very legit...
    Haven't tried the workouts yet
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  3. I enjoyed his Shortcut to Size routine. I had good strength increases just as the plan said I would. I like how it comes with a nutrition plan too. Some of the workouts are a little long. I remember losing motivation at the end for calves on some days.

  4. I've used his shortcut to size and loved it. Although I did tweak it little to accommodate my goals. (Added more exercises for glutes and shoulders since those areas were lagging for me.) I gained a great deal of size and strength and continue to use variations of it.

  5. I have used this routine and saw good results from it. As the above had mentioned, I to still use variations of it in my routines today. Stoppani is a knowledgeable dude, his stuff has worked anytime I've used it.



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