AC joint

  1. AC joint

    Does anybody have any advice on AC joint injuries. After hitting chest last week I noticed an aching feeling in my right AC joint. The joint is a little bigger than my left now. I've been going really light on shoulders and chest with no overhead presses or incline.

  2. Ice. Ice some more. Sounds like you may have just irritated it or may have a very minor sprain. Lay off chest and shoulders for a week or two. Ice and rest brother, whats a few weeks with no chest to be injury free. Let yourself heal. Foam roll, epsom salt baths, cissus, fish oil and rest my man.

  3. Do zero horizontal pressing or dips until it's better. I'm still nursing mine.

    Some good excercises and stuff
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  4. Only thing I would add would be to do the Donnie Thompson shoulder reset as well.
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  5. Thanks guys!

  6. Inflammated supraspinatus and AC bursitis is very common and is an impingement syndrome. I presume this is your problem?

    First step is to stabilize your scapula. Make SURE that the serratus anterior is tilting your scapula posterity during exercise.

    Next step is making sure all the muscles of your rotator cuff are firing correctly.

    Third is eliminating tightness in humeral elevators. Triceps long head, both biceptal heads, coraco brachialis, deltoid dysfunction (if supraspinatus is inhibited), basically every muscle that have potential to pull the humerus out of the glenoid fossa (I think I mentioned all of them)

    Hope this helps


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