Rowing machine for cardio after weights?

  1. Rowing machine for cardio after weights?

    Recently I've been reading about the benefits of doing HIIT on a rowing machine. Ex. 3 minute warmup and then 1 min on and 1 off of full out rowing for a total of about 12-15 minutes. My only concern is will such a workout negatively affect my weight routine and muscle gains? I'll admit, it's a killer cardio workout and only takes a few minutes but you're beat afterwards. I'm currently bulking right now so this is why I'm keeping HIIT down to a minimum. Started at 172 and currently at 186 right now, so progress is being made. Just don't want to screw it up over rowing. Any thoughts?

  2. I have been doing HIIT year round on bulk and just maintaining and it has been nothing but beneficial. Plus it just really helps overall fitness.

    I will say that getting into 15 min is about the max you may want to put in if bulking. I'm not and 10 min of the prowler doing sprints is ass kicking at the end of a workout. I've rowed quite a bit, but never in an HIIT fashion, so I can't say how difficult it may be.

  3. I figured anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes would be okay to with HIIT but I just didn't know if after, say a back/bi or shoulder workout, it would hurt what I just did with heavy weights. HIIT on rowing is great and it kicks your butt though. Thanks for the reply.

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