Aerobic vs. resistance training for fat loss

  1. Aerobic vs. resistance training for fat loss

    There was recently a study done investigating the effects of aerobic training (AT) and aerobic plus resistance training (AT + RT) on body composition, insulin resistance and leptin concentrations. The researchers recruited 72 obese adolescents (15-19 years old) and randomly assigned them to either an AT, AT+RT or a leisure physical activity group. The study ran for 6 months. The AT group ran on a treadmill 3 times a week for 60min per session. The AT+RT group performed 30 min of aerobic training plus 30 min of resistance training 3 times a week. The leisure physical activity group participated in sport activities such as soccer, handball, basketball, etc 3 times per week.


    Aerobic training alone group lost ~7 lbs of fat but also lost 6 lbs of lean mass. Adding resistance training to the aerobic regimen resulted in a loss of ~22 lbs of fat and an increase of ~4 lbs in lean mass. So the AT+RT group was able to change LBM from a -6lbs to a +4lbs - a 10lb turnaround!

    Effects of different physical exercises on ... [Int J Sports Med. 2014] - PubMed - NCBI
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    This is why we lift

    Thanks for sharing this one!
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  3. Figured this would be a given for everyone here, but im sure we all know someone who thinks all they have to do to loose weight is run. So here is some ammunition for you to show them that yes you still shoyld lift weights especially if you goal is fat loss
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  4. Meh.. ill stick to tae-bo

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Meh.. ill stick to tae-bo

    I thought your were a Hip-Hop abs guy?.
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  6. I posted this in the female fitness forum, but my wife has been kickboxing for years and not long ago started doing a bootcamp (CF style), but was getting frustrated that with a stellar diet and all this work, not getting to where she wanted body comp and weight wise after our second daughter. Mind you, she looks better than 90% of the chicks in the gym and is in amazing shape, but still...

    So I built out a simple 2 day a week weight training program to substitute into her week between her other activities and within weeks changed everything. She dropped 3lbs, her delts are popping out and definition is really showing.

    I am a FIRM believer that lifting weights builds the house for everything else we do.

  7. Why would they not study resistance training alone along with the other three groups?

  8. resistance training all the way. The more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism and the more fat you will lose.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by NASMTyler View Post
    resistance training all the way. The more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism and the more fat you will lose.
    Exactly. Muscle is metabolically active .... fat is not. Fat just sits there and contributes nothing. More muscle = higher metabolism ... like a well oiled machine. More fat = lower metabolism .... like an engine full of sludge and a clogged air filter .....


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