Severe elbow pain

  1. Severe elbow pain


    I want to keep this short but out of no where my left elbow ligament feels so dry and crisp. I am not sure why and I haven't really been training at all this year due to a busy semester. I tried taking ibuprofen for just a few days and no luck. I do try to stretch it at home but still no luck. It fears me as I am just 23 and I do want to compete and can't involve in competing until my body is healed. I do admit I hardly ever stretch or so but now I am regretting it.. Here's a pic of where it's hurting. It's directly at the elbow. It's definitely both elbows but the left one is very dry. Especially if I am extending my arms over-head and try to extend the triceps it's really stiff. :/ I'm desparate for help I was considering PRP/Prolotherapy...

    Beyond this point I may look into a Cissus product such like Joint-Help and continue icing.. and applying a thermal cream before bed to see if it helps

  2. Joint and/or anti inflammation supplements

    For what it's worth, I rehabbed some nasty elbow tendonitis by doing a 100-rep set of hammer curls twice a week.

  3. I would lay off of ALL pressing and extension type movements for 2-3 weeks at least. Glucosomonie like tic tacs
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. Thanks man definitely sucks... just trying to ice it 20min 3x daily on both elbows.. and lay off pressing/extensions

  5. I had a similar case of this from using a hammer for like two years at my work. Let me tell you, ice, compression, and massaging it. Like literally dig your thumb into the effected are if the muscles are sore. Also using a tenis ball rolling it into the muscles helped alot.



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