High protein diets cause cancer

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  1. High protein diets cause cancer

    Perhaps you've seen the headlines. They are coming out everywhere, and based upon one (poorly interpreted) study.

    Here I break down the study, discuss what the results really mean, and propose a possible conspiracy within the food industry.

    High Protein Diets Cause Cancer, Study Says | Jason Cholewa - Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Coastal Carolina University

  2. I have been having fun with this in facebook groups today
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  3. Was this inspired by Muscular Developement studies?

  4. If it drops the prices of high protein foods I say "yea sure of course it causes cancer" lol...
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  5. Just read this report on cnn and they bought every word of it hook line and sinker.

  6. wow
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  7. Jason, thanks for that article/rebuttal. Seems to shed some light on this kind of reporting.

    Posted By JC...
    "What we have here is the classic bias of compliance. In short, those who eat more meat are (unlike many of my readers) not living healthy life styles. They do not “listen to their doctors”: they are inactive, consume less fruits/veggies, smoke, rely heavily on caffeine, consume high amounts of added sugar, etc. – They live the typical western life. Despite the ability to control statistically for these factors in an equation, you cannot control physiologically for the interactions, and you certainly cannot pick one factor out of the myriad and claim it is the main causative factor. As another example, we could look at TV consumption and its relationship to metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancers. A number of studies has shown a positive result between TV consumption, obesity and diabetes. Is it the fact that people who watch a lot if TV are less active and living less healthy lifestyles? Or is it something about the TV device itself (radiation, frequency, etc.) that causes these diseases?"

    A month or 2 back, I was reading about prostate cancer and eggs, and by eating simply 2-3 eggs (per week), it increased the factors for the deadlier prostate cancer by some 70% or so. They never mentioned how many eggs people eat, that is already in stuff like mayo, baked goods, pastas etc. etc. Then on to say chicken and or the better leaner white meat, may have a higher level of choline and thus attribute to a higher risk of this cancer. Some of the related articles went on to mention, as you did, they did not mention the patient's history or health life style at all and just put that info out as eggs are again bad.

    Thanks again for the article and as always, great work and applaud your interest, education and knowledge of the health and fitness establishment.

  8. Guys, if you are interested I have commented directly on the published study and have engaged the senior research (VD Longo). You can follow it unfold in the comments section here


  9. SaraWhy would that not be obvious considering mice are herbivores. Why not also do the study on cats, who are obligate carnivores? Or humans, who are omnivores? It doesn't make sense to extrapolate findings regarding nutrition between species that naturally eat very different diets. For example, cows are healthiest when they graze on grass all day. Would you recommend that for people as well?


    Stephanie Brooker - After perusing this study I can't find information on the type of meat and dairy that was used. Was it organic, pastured animals that provided the meat and dairy or was it sourced from factory farms that inject their animals with hormones and antibiotics while keeping them caged?


    valter longo - the survey did not distinguish between different sources
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  10. Sub'd. This is a topic everyone I know is discussing now and I am in for intelligent rebuttal responses.

  11. I responded to one of the comments on my blog by writing this. I figured it may be useful for anyone who is having trouble following the math used by VDL et al.

    Look at the raw data in table S1 and you will see that the all-cause mortality was the exact same rate between the low and high protein groups, and just slightly higher in the moderate protein group. It was about 40% for all groups.

    If you want to look at the absolute number of people who died of cancer between the low and high protein groups (43 vs. 103) then the risk of cancer with high protein consumption would appear to increase substantially. However, when we consider that there were only 437 participants in the low protein group compared to 1,146 in the high protein group we see that the actual rate of cancer deaths were nearly the exact same (9.8 vs. 9.0%).

    Unfortunately, what the authors did was take the absolute number of people who died in each group and divide it by the total number of people in the study to arrive at the conclusion that the rate of cancer deaths was only .007% vs. .017% for low vs. high (which they claimed nearly doubled the risk!). This conclusion would be synonymous to me comparing cancer in Hawaii to California.

    There are 1,360,000 people living in Hawaii. The cancer rate is 0.38% which would equate to 5,168 people having cancer.
    There are 37,000,000 people living in California. The cancer rate is also 0.38% which would equate to 140,600 people having cancer.

    What the authors did was take the total amount of people between the two states (38,360,000) and calculate the cancer rate per group based upon this number.
    So for Hawaii 5,168/38,360,000 comes to .0001%
    For California 104,600/38,360,000 comes to .0036%
    Clearly living in California causes cancer.
    And therefore we can conclude that living in California increases the risk of cancer up to 36X and we should all move to Hawaii.

  12. Awesome. Thanks for being on this because it is nice when someone actually follows and understands the flaw in some of these studies.

  13. Snippet on Longo from National Geographic 2013 Longevity / New Clues to a Long Life

    Guevara and Longo began to collaborate in 2006. Guevara had found a homogeneous group in one geographic location with a known genetic mutation that seemed to block the development of diabetes and cancer in individuals. Within the Laron group there were no cases of diabetes and only a single, nonlethal malignancy. In a control group of people the same age living in the same area, Guevara and Longo found that 5 percent developed diabetes and 20 percent died of cancer. Follow-up experiments conducted by Longo at USC showed that blood taken from the Ecuadorian patients seemed to protect human cells from laboratory-induced cancers. What was the magic ingredient in their blood?

    “Nothing,” Longo says.

    Nothing? In fact, it was the absence of something—a hormone known as IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor. The blood was protective, Longo says, because it had unusually low levels of IGF-1, which plays an important role in childhood growth but has also been implicated as an accelerant of cancers and as a powerful regulator of metabolism. Could controlling the presence of one hormone in human blood postpone the diseases of old age? It’s probably not quite that simple, but the insulin–IGF-1 connection keeps popping up in longevity research.
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  14. Does this mean I will be paying only about half as much for steaks in the coming weeks?. That would be great. I love steak.

  15. Too funny. I was on some other boards yesterday and this is the hot topic now, but I just didn't want to chime in until someone really smart tore it apart. I was like, "well, someone over at AM will do it for me..."

  16. http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/...062-X#Comments

    great debate still continuing on here
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  17. This is a great video at a popular news station over in Sweeden. They actually do a nice job questioning the findings, and their on set "expert" goes as far as calling the study rubbish. It's great watching Longo flip out and instead of defending his work, attacking the broadcasters.
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    Brotato's bark brings shakes to the pups in the yard
  19. "To your wife you should kiss try today"-Touey

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  20. what a bunch of baloney. Everything causes cancer. Breathing causes cancer

  21. More from Longo on record setting longevity for mice, fasting, and meat. Courtesy of the health divas

    Name:  Valter-Longo-Fasting-Longevity-Eat-Fast-and-Live-Longer-The-Health-Sciences-Academy.jpg
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Size:  15.4 KB

    Professor Valter Longo is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on prolongation of lifespan and longevity.

    For over 20 years, he’s been studying the complex mechanisms which control aging. He’s been featured in Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole: Can we live forever?, Dr. Michael Mosley’s BBC Horizon Programme: Eat, fast and live longer, and his recent book: The Fast Diet, co-written with lifestyle journalist Mimi Spencer.

    Prof. Longo’s work and discoveries are labelled as some of the greatest achievements in science.

    For example, did you know that his lab mice hold the world record for longevity extension in a mammal?

    And when it comes to humans, he challenges other experts to show him an even better way to trigger the most extreme metabolic changes that he currently evidences with a 4-day fast. I’ve been in touch with Professor Valter Longo way before the Fast Diet book was published and was fascinated by his scientific discoveries.

    Here’s a transcript of a conversation with him:

    Alejandra Ruani: So what exactly are the key metabolic changes and biological benefits of a 4-day fast?

    Valter Longo: There are hundreds of changes. The major ones are decrease in IGF-1, decrease in insulin, decrease in glucose, increase in ketone bodies and IGFBP1.

    Alejandra Ruani: How would you explain the connection between IGF-1, DNA damage and aging?

    Valter Longo: IGF-1 is like an accelerator that promoted excess activity of cells, even when they don’t need to be hyperactive. Cellular hyperactivity is associated with oxidative stress and DNA damage.

    Alejandra Ruani: By how much would your IGF-1 levels normally decrease with a 4-day fast?

    Valter Longo: Most people would see a major reduction. However, IGF-1 and other markers go back to normal or close to normal if the person returns to the old diet. Some benefits will remain but only in association with a longevity diet, in which case the effects of fasting are maximised. Remember that a 4-day fasting should only be done under the supervision of a registered doctor.

    Alejandra Ruani: How exactly did you come up with the idea of a 4-day fast?

    Valter Longo: It is the minimum time required to switch to a full speed protective and fat burning profile that involved every single organ in the body: from the intestines to the brain.

    Alejandra Ruani: It seems that a 4-day fast would help reverse biological aging, but do you think it would it also help you look visibly younger – i.e. physically and aesthetically? (Important point for women; and I do think you look much younger for your age!)

    Valter Longo: Hard to be sure until we do additional studies. Many people who fast for long periods claim that they can see a clear difference, including the skin.

    Alejandra Ruani: A Google search on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) typically comes up with links suggesting that higher levels of it promote youth and beauty. How accurate is that?

    Valter Longo: Very inaccurate. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most potent pro-aging factors. However, it is possible that in elderly individuals with very low HGH levels some HGH may be beneficial.

    Alejandra Ruani: What happens with HGH when you carry out a 4-day fast? What are the benefits of changes in HGH levels?

    Valter Longo: Growth hormone (GH) controls IGF-1. The GH/IGF-I axis is turned down during fasting. This is well established to promote anti-aging and disease prevention effects.

    Alejandra Ruani: Would a short 4-day fast be safe for the healthy adult?

    Valter Longo: Only under medical supervision and not for diabetics or subjects with hypotension or metabolic disorders.

    Alejandra Ruani: If you are a healthy adult, would it be okay to do a short 4-day fast on your own?

    Valter Longo: No, however it may be possible to do it after it is done several times under doctor supervision and if the doctor feels it is safe to do it without supervision.

    Alejandra Ruani: What are the risks associated with fasting for longer than 4 days?

    Valter Longo: Many risks. For example, accidents related to reduced blood pressure.

    Alejandra Ruani: You have fasted for 4 days several times. Does it ever get easier?

    Valter Longo: Yes, much easier after the first time.

    Alejandra Ruani: What’s the toughest part of a 4-day fast for most people?

    Valter Longo: Being away from food. We are so used to having food all the time that we cannot conceive separating from it. This is one of the most important factors. Some people call this the “spiritual component” but I think it is about taking charge of your nutrition and health.

    Alejandra Ruani: We hear that the first fasting day is the toughest. Does it get easier later on?

    Valter Longo: Yes. It gets easier by day 3 because your body adapts to burning primarily fat instead of sugars.

    Alejandra Ruani: What liquids would you normally consume in your 4-day fast?

    Valter Longo: Teas, broth, bouillon, instant soup. But calories should stay under 200 a day.

    Alejandra Ruani: Would you need to take multi-vitamin complex or supplements?

    Valter Longo: No, but you need to be very well nourished before you start and after you finish. Subjects who are malnourished or lack essential micro-nutrients and undergo fasting are at risk for severe health problems and possibly death.

    Alejandra Ruani: Do the fast days go faster if you keep busy?

    Valter Longo: Yes. For example, fasting clinics like the Buchinger Clinic in Germany ask subjects to do light exercise for several hours a day.

    Alejandra Ruani: Is exercise during fasting advisable then?

    Valter Longo: Yes, but only light exercise. Strenuous exercise can cause fainting.

    Alejandra Ruani: Would a healthy adult lose weight during a 4-day fast?

    Valter Longo: Yes, a few pounds, depending on the individual.

    Alejandra Ruani: Would most people put it back on again, or is it possible to maintain it?

    Valter Longo: Most people gain it back. However, if fasting is combined with a particular diet tailored to the individual, periodic fasting is very effective in promoting weight loss. After many of the cancer patients we were following asked for diets that could substitute fasting, I founded a company (L-Nutra) which received funds from the US National Cancer Institute to develop fasting-mimicking diets. Our plan is to have these available world-wide within the next few years.

    Alejandra Ruani: Does this require supervision too?

    Valter Longo: Yes, the L-Nutra 5-day diet will require some supervision, but this could be done by a registered dietician or nutritionist. Our plan is to establish an international network of health professionals who we can work with and keep informed to allow them to optimise the health of their patients while keeping costs low for them. The visits could be as often as once a week for subjects with severe problems to once every 6 months for subjects who are very healthy and informed. It is very easy to become malnourished or over nourished, so it is key to work with a health professional. However, I often hear complaints about finding health professionals that are properly trained and keep up with the scientific and clinical literature and with the legitimate “alternative strategies”.

    Alejandra Ruani: Training for the health professionals is indeed much needed. Our work at The Health Sciences Academy brings doctors, nurses and nutritionists up to speed with the latest science and provides them with CPD training.

    Valter Longo: We’re planning to do something similar. When Harper magazine interviewed me for a piece on fasting, I made this point to the journalist who was himself undergoing a 3-week fast while writing the piece, and he told me “Valter, the doctors you are talking about are impossible to find”. Although there are already a lot of prepared doctors out there, we hope to help change this by training them through new “Nutrition and Longevity” programmes which will be available online through distance learning.

    Alejandra Ruani: That’d be great. We can help you with that at The Health Sciences Academy. Talking about longevity, how do you link the foods we eat with how we age?

    Valter Longo: Each food component activates difference genes and pathways. For the past 20 years, we and other researchers have learned a lot about these connections so now we can start applying them to obtain maximum effects with limited burden.

    Alejandra Ruani: Would you say it is wise to avoid any kind of meat? Or just red meat?

    Valter Longo: This is a difficult question to answer. If most people did that, they would probably become malnourished. However, if someone thinks they may enjoy a plant-based diet, they can follow it with the help of a nutritionist or doctor to make sure they do not become malnourished. A plant-based diet is by far the best for longevity and disease prevention.
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  22. Ugh...the quantum leap from rodents to humans and anecdotal data (i.e.: his references to centurions living in Southern Italy - which happens to be his homeland).

    A very elegantly marketed cleansing system. If you hear someone talk about cleansing or toxins, run! I am reminded of this video everytime I hear him talk

  23. Rampant autophagocytosis.


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