Deadlift form check!

  1. Deadlift form check!

    This is what I did today for DL

    2nd time doing them in about 2 months. Just want to get a little feedback on how my form is doing.

    Deadlift 315x5 Form Check - YouTube

  2. solid form, and good control of the weight.
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol-

  3. Put some weight on the bar, man! The only thing I'd say is that your neck is craned by looking forward. Try looking at the floor maybe 6 feet in front of you to give yourself a neutral head position.
    Training log:

  4. Yeah I am not to sure why I had my head up like that I normally don't.

  5. How has your back been?
    I know you were having some discomfort a while back with pumps or soreness.
    Also noticed it looks (from that vid angle anyway) that you use some foot flare on your pulls.
    Have you noticed, or tried a pull with your feet more straight forward? Since the reason I ask is, when I use more foot flare, I do feel a bit of it in my low back.
    I think one can get more lockout power with flare, but less off the floor and vice versa.

  6. You're a little forward in your pulls. I would set your hips back/down, or if it helps to think about it this way set up so your arms are directly over the bar rather than forward or backward relative to the bar. Also keep your head more neutral. Additionally, I'd suggest pointing your toes more forward compared to where they are now, or at least try that a few sessions and see how it goes.
    Check your form:

  7. Just a update. I tried with my feet closer together and it was a bit easier. I pulled 365x1 but felt like I still had some gas in the tank. However I have been sore for about 4 days after I did it. Not sure what is going on. Should I drop the weight to around 225 and just do more reps to get the back used to deadlifting? Don't like being sore from deadlift when I want to do it.


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