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    Just asking for thoughts. I love bodybuilding and everything about it. I have great size and the biggest in my gym. My girl is 10 weeks prego and were excited but the job I have now won't cut it. I've thought about reenlisting into the marines but then I came to reality that as long obumer is in office he will keep taking away from the military. So I'm been leaning toward the oil field long hours hard work but GREAT money. Would 2 weeks in the gym and 2 weeks off be worth anything? I would def bring a mass gainer while working and hopefully find a good hook up in Dallas were we are moving cause that would help a lot to. What do yal think? I will always go to the gym even if I get on. I can't stand rest days and 2 weeks off will kill me lol

  2. What can you do for exercise out on the rigs? Body weight movements, bring some heavy bands to add resistance? Is there random objects out there you could lift in a strongman fashion?

  3. Not sure I know I'll be picking up And tossing steel pipes. But bands wouldn't be a bad idea.. I hoping I get on one that has a gym close but I'm not counting on it lol. If and when I get on I'll have a better idea of what I could bring and do

  4. Yea, you might not be able to lift heavy like you are now but there's plenty of stuff you can do, even stuck in a hotel room to get the heart rate going and get a good workout in. Bands would be a must I would think!
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  5. That's awesome glad yal mentioned bands Ill be sure to pack them thanks guys

  6. Sounds like you are pretty set on getting on a rig, but I was going to mention Railroad isn't a bad gig either.

    As far as when you get on a rig, you might be under-estimating the physical demands of the job itself. Most riggers that I know are in WAY better shape then me and NEVER step foot in a gym.

  7. I know it very physical. I have friends and my brother is on some. Def not bigger it better shape than me . Some supps, protein, and side workout off work should be fine. But I know there time my bro says he can't eat sometimes. Only way to find out is go on and see

  8. Good luck bro! Both with job and baby!

  9. Hey thanks bro!


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