Deadlift, knees hurt :( -

Deadlift, knees hurt :(

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    Deadlift, knees hurt :(

    I deadlift. Not very heavy, but heavy for me and i do 4 sets of 6.

    The next day my knees hurt. I've tried looking at form and the internet for videos etc. but i don't feel im doing it wrong? Any tips? I deadlift from the floor with none Olympic weights, the bar is quite low down as a result.

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    What do you mean by non Olympic weights? Are the weights you're using actually any smaller than standard weights?

    I'd consider deadlifts a very safe movement for the knees. That being said if you're actually pulling from a severe deficit people commonly try and turn that into more of a squat motion. Which could have an effect. Not sure.

    Do you deadlift with a heeled shoe? Or do you find your weight shifting onto your toes while you lift?
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    Toss up a vid if you can. Are you banging the bar off your knees on the way up or down? That's the only way I can think of making your knees hurt on DLs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toff View Post
    The next day my knees hurt. I've tried looking at form and the internet for videos etc. but i don't feel im doing it wrong? Any tips?
    Does doing the trigger points in hams and or foam rolling the quads especially around the knees help with the pain?
    As Pump mentions, if you are going deeper in your ROM, (standard oly #45 is like 9" from floor) you may be getting more knee involvement if you are tryingf to squat the weight up and it can be almost like a hack squat on the knees.
    I am assuming your knees are tracking over top (in line with) the feet and you are not torquing them in as the reps get nearer to finish!?
    Do you do reg BB squats?
    If so, do they bother your knees also?

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