Squats causing marks

  1. Squats causing marks

    Everytime I do BB squats I get lines of broken blood vessles across my shoulders/back that last a few dayz. I use a pad. Any way to reduce this? I've ignored it for the past 4 years of training, but getting sick of the look...especially in the summer when I'm more likely to be shirtless.

  2. I've always thought of those as battle bruises.
    You can use a safety bar as shown here http://www.sportstrength.com/equip/harness.htm or I know some guys that use a sweatshirt wrapped around the bar a couple of times which seemed to help - tried it before and didnt care for it.

  3. Maybe I'll just use lighter weights!

  4. You could do that but thats no fun

  5. I used to get them and I started using a manta ray for squats, problem gone....

  6. i love it when i get those marks really lets you know that you are working hard. Its nothing permanent so dont worry about it. CHICKS DIG IT!


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