Chondromalacia pain Help!!

  1. Chondromalacia pain Help!!

    Hi I am writing on behalf of a relative who has chondromalacia patella pain, he has suffering knee pains on both knees, the pain in his knees are all around his knee, like a throbbing pain, has anyone any experience with these symptoms, if so, could you share any information for the following questions?

    Would be much appreciated

    Exercises the physio told him to do aren't helping (body squats, lunges), there are piercing pain doing these,are these correct ?

    What sort of excercises or training could he do, to prevent pains in his knees and strengthen the muscles around them?

    Is there any supplement to help reduce the pain and help the joints?

    He has been doing sports up to this point, now the pain is to bad and needs advice to continue his training without continuation of chondromalacia symptoms or help reduce the pain in order to continue excercising.

    He participates in Raquetball, front crawl swimming, jogging/ walking

  2. Nothing weight bearing. I don't know why he would be prescribed squats which if even going parallel put a lot of pressure on the knees. Try the cycling ergometer or swimming. Even walking. Just nothing with a lot of weight bearing.

  3. Chondromalacia of the patella essentially is a more severe form of patello-femoral pain which arises from mal-tracking of your knee cap. The cartilage softens and can cause sub-chondral damage.
    The reason the physio prescribed WB exercises is because the literature supports facilitation of your VMO (medial quad) in closed-kinetic chain exercises. however, if any exercises reproduce pain they should be stopped as this will contribute to pain inhibition and be more harm then good. Wall squats, inner range quads in WB and static holds in WB can be done relatively symptom-free to help correct the delay/reduced activation of the VMO compared to your lateral quad.
    I would also highly recommend the use of a foam roller and self trigger point ball for releases through the ITB/TFL/glutes. Tightness through these structures can contribute to mal-tracking of your patella.
    Lateral hip instability is another contributing cause to this condition - looking into strengthening your glute med and hip external rotators with such exercises at crab/lateral band walks and clams are good foundational exercises until progression to single leg work can be commenced.
    Excessive pronation (foot rolling in or losing medial arch height) will also cause exaggerate lower limb internal rotation. the physio may recommend a podiatry review for footwear advice +/- an orthotic/insole to help correct your foot posture.
    Taping of your patella, particularly whilst you are performing your rehab, is also very beneficial. There are a few methods, but essentially it will apply a slight medial glide to your patella to help with alignment. Additionally, it will aid in proprioception (your awareness) which can further help with activation the correct muscles.
    In a hurry but hope that helps. Good luck

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