Half-tore my collarbone off of my sternum!

  1. Half-tore my collarbone off of my sternum!

    Worked out heavy all last fall and winter, and in the spring I noticed a pain developing in my right shoulder and neck area. "Worked through it" for some time, but it kept getting worse. It was only then that I noticed my right collarbone bumping out (under the skin) where it connects to my chest.

    Went to an orthopedic shoulder specialist, and he confirmed that I did, indeed, partially tear/stretch the ligament that attaches the collarbone to the sternum. Said it was not unusual (although it happens more often to women), and that I should be able to continue lifting again when it felt better. Since I am older (56), I don't think that he realized when I said that I was a bodybuilder and that I really worked out - I mean to the limit with 100% intensity! He probably figured I was some guy who claimed to lift weights, and that he could safely send me back to the gym to throw some 5 and 10-pound dumbells around.

    Anyway, I took the summer off from the gym and played lots of golf, which didn't bother the collarbone-sternum joint (although my collarbone still sticks out much more on the injured side than the other). Now, golf season is over, and I am heading back to the gym.

    Any advice? I asked the doc about surgery, but he said there wasn't much they could do, and what they had tried wasn't very successful most of the time. I'm guessing that I developed the injury from doing too many decline benches, which I used in place of the flat bench (because the flat bench gave me shoulder problems). I think the huge stretch you get at the bottom of the decline bench was probably where I tore the ligament, although I can't pinpoint any one, specific time when it tore. I think it took place over a period of time.

    What do you think? Have you ever heard of this injury? If so, what was done about it? Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance for any information you could pass my way.

  2. In for responses!
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