Sun and the gym

  1. Sun and the gym

    My apologies if this isn't the proper forum for this.

    I have known for years, i feel amazing when i spend time in the sun, and even tanning beds. Well, recently, i kind of realized i have had a few workouts this past 2 weeks where i felt stronger than i have been feeling lately, on my typical lifts. It just so happened, I spent some time out at my pool an hour or two before hitting the gym on those specific days. My next session was a normal day, gym after work, no chance for any sun. I had a very "typical" day. Now at this point, I had no expectations. Just to point out, I am cutting and have been for a couple months. Following a 5x5 full body 3x/week routine. (IceCreamFitness 5x5). Just this Saturday, again I went out to the pool prior to hitting the gym. This time, admittedly, mentally i was curious if it would effect my session. I got to the gym and i was actually semi worn down. Yet, i matched a PR on bench press (215lbs 5x5) and actually did a set of 220lbs on my 5th set. Now, i had no spotter, so i was very confident I'd complete the set.

    Could there even be any reason for this or am I completely off my rocker? . Can sun exposure/vit D have such immediate effects on strength/percormance?

    A quick Google of Vitamin D deficiency showed this: 2.) Muscle weakness - According to Michael F. Holick, a leading vitamin D expert, muscle weakness is usually caused by vitamin D deficiency because for skeletal muscles to function properly, their vitamin D receptors must be sustained by vitamin D.

    FWIW, I supplement anywhere from 2000ui to 5000ui Vit D3, daily... I have never had my levels checked though.

  2. A week in Aruba for my honeymoon gave me the most energy and vigor I've had in a long time. Anecdotal evidence, so take that for what it's worth. I live in WNY, and other than summertime, sunshine is tough to come by at times. Even though we get more sunny days per year than Miami.
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  3. The effects of sunlight on humans and the chemical reactions catalyzed by sunlight are not fully understood yet by science. Obviously vitamin D metabolism is fueled by UV exposure, but recent studies suggest there is a whole lot more going on that we have yet to understand. IIRC exposure to the particular light spectrum from the sun is also responsible for increasing alertness, so this could be a contributing factor.
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  4. I've noticed this, too. Days I have spent at the beach and do a night workout I experienced a skin tearing pump.

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