Shoulder rehab exercises

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    Shoulder rehab exercises

    Trained 2 years with poor training program and form.
    . Got everything down about 9 months ago
    In feb I had bicep/ shoulder tendonitis

    I no longer have the bicep/ shoulder tendonitis. However, my shoulder clicks alot in rear delt when I rotate my shoulder. It's not painful, but bothersome. My doc said that it's a possible labrum tear, but if it doesn't hurt than it's fine.

    I have been doing elite fts band exercises, and that has helped IMO.

    I have been looking into the broomstick stretch, and was curious if that could be beneficial for me. Basically I want a healthy shoulder so i can continue my training without set backs and be ready for my first meet in dec.

    If anyone has any input or experience with this, I'd appreciate your insight.

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    Awesome vid. The sleeper stretch noted in the video would do wonders for the shoulder complex but be careful as he denotes in the video. A little extra rotator cuff exercises post lift wouldn't hurt either.
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