Tennis elbow

  1. Tennis elbow

    So in June I injured my elbow (somehow) innertubing the st. Vrain river here in Colorado. It was a strange injury, it didn't really hurt, it just felt kinda weak, I guess, and very, very uncomfortable.
    So I stopped lifting to let it heal for a week and all was good with it for a while.
    However, I've noticed just recently that pull-ups and to a lesser extent pull-downs bring back that strange feeling. (I'm 90% sure it's tendonitis or tennis elbow, whatever you want to call it). It doesnt hurt, but its kind of unconfortable. not nearly as bad as it was in June, however. My elbow clicks when I fully extend it.
    I'm going to try replacing pull-ups with pull-downs this next week and see if that helps.

    Does anyone else have any experience lifting with this injury?
    Should I stop pressing, too?
    Thanks a bunch

  2. Are there painful trigger points in the triceps, bicep and forearm?
    Is there any black and bluing or visible bruising or swelling?
    Have you tried heat and ice on and off 20 min sessions?

  3. There's really no pain, it's the strangest feeling. No swelling or bruising either. In fact it's super mild, just a feeling of weakness is the best way I can explain it.
    I iced it a lot when I first injured it, when the feeling was more severe.

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