New craze, buttock implants for men

  1. New craze, buttock implants for men

    Says the NY Times

    展hen I went in to the doctor, I said, 選知 not a girl so I知 not worried about having a table back there you could sit a coffee cup on, Mr. Vickers said. 的 just wanted to be able to put on a pair of pants and for them to stay up.

    Dr. Mendieta performed liposuction on Mr. Vickers痴 abdomen and love handles, then injected the fat into the buttocks.

    典hey take the fat where you don稚 want it, and put it where you do want it, Mr. Vickers said.

    As men age, they tend to lose fat from their buttocks, faces and hands, while gaining it in stomachs and chests, Dr. Mendieta said. Weight lifting yields only modest results for the posterior.
    I took a poke at the article, and then discussed the efficacy and ways to build the glutes via weight training.

    Women like big butts and they cannot lie! | Jason Cholewa - Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Coastal Carolina University

  2. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people today?. Get over yourselves already!.

  3. Most of these kids today walk around with their damn pants halfway down anyway. Why not just invest in a damn belt?.

  4. Lol, doesn't surprise me though. Although we are in a vain sport going in for a butt implant is a bit wacky. Deep squats will give you Dat Ass!!

  5. I think it is the "drive thru" mentality. Get it fast without waiting and any work. It does not surprise me, nor does needing to be accepted by our peers by not being an apparent ugly ducking.

    Agree with squats/deads/RDL's , a REAL butt in a few months and pretty low in monetary cost ;-)

  6. 典he only way to pump up your derri鑽e, he said, 妬s with your wallet.
    To which I respond

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  7. I realize I may be preaching to the choir on this....but the next time you hear someone say (as I did today) they lift weights only to get more *****, you might remind them that women are hard wired to be attracted to men with well developed, powerful looking glutes....

    West Afr J Med. 2006 Jul-Sep;25(3):223-5.
    Can physique and gluteal size predict penile length in adult Nigerian men?
    Orakwe JC, Ogbuagu BO, Ebuh GU.

    Department of Surgery, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus, Nnewi. [email protected]

    In Nigeria, especially among the Igbo tribe, there is a well-held belief that a man's penile size can be predicted from his physique and the size of his buttocks, with people of small physique and flat buttocks likely to have long penile lengths.

    A prospective study to test the scientific veracity of this traditional and apparently mythical belief. Stretched penile length was measured in 115 men between the ages of 30-65 years and its correlation with the body-mass index and the circumference of the hip as measured around the most prominent points on their buttocks, was statistically determined.

    The mean age of the subjects was 42.30 years (SD = 9.67), with a median of 40 years and a range of 30-65 years. The mean penile length was 13.37 cm with a median of 13 cm and a range of 7.5-19.5 cm. The mean circumference of the body around the buttocks was 96.46 cm (SD = 10.91), median 98 cm, and range 73-122 cm. The body-mass index ranged 17.34-44.44, with the mean at 26.87 (SD = 5.86), and the median 25.53. Linear regression statistics showed no statistically significant correlation between stretched penile length and body-mass index, thus physique. There was a significant direct correlation between penile length and gluteal size.

    The supposed relationship between penile length and gluteal size may have a scientific basis, but contrary to belief, large buttocks is more predictive of longer penile length than small buttocks. Penile length has no relationship to physique.

    [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  8. Chicks love my A$$, how I built it? Probably mostly due to wide squats and lunges. Any man doing implants is a tool. This is almost as stupid as synthol.

  9. I actually used to be self conscious of my ass because people always made comments asking what I do. Genetics gave me a running back type butt and 20+ years of squats and deads have only added to this. Seeing all the attention makes me understand why someone may want to do this. Even though it is weak and lame.


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