ventured into other forums

  1. ventured into other forums

    so recently i decided to branch out into other subforums on AM. mainly the nutrition and supplement ones. and NOW i understand why they have this exercise science section, lol. wow. thank god for this sub forum. i think im just going to pretend that part of my life never existed and stick around here.

    in other words everyone that posts in here, thanks. thanks for keeping it real.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  2. Well, I only know training more or less, so that is what I talk or tell people to do, if they want to get bigger and stronger. I love talking training or giving a nudge to someone who is struggling on the path. I only wish we would have had this stuff 20+ years ago so I would not have made the mistakes I made before I knew how simple it really is.

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