Help me with deads?

  1. Help me with deads?

    Hi guys. Just recently started adding deadlifts into my routine. I am 6'4" so it is a little hard for me, I have long legs and a long torso.

    I am not getting pain in my lower back, but it is really sore afterwards, and feels like when you bend a finger back too far and get that "stretched" feeling. Or if you sleep wrong and your back feels sore. This has to be wrong, right?

    I can feel it in my legs when I am lifting it up past my knees, but after that it's all my back..However, when I spread my feet wide, and keep my hands close grip, I feel it ALL in my legs.

    The way I am doing it now is, shins touching bar, back straight, looking forward, ass out, lift...Should I post a video of what I am doing, so you guys can critique?

  2. Post a video.
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  3. You couldn't find a better place to dead lift than the kitchen?

  4. Lol didnt end till late, gym closed at 10. Have this little barbell at home and decided to use it as an example.

  5. Well, is that the normal plate diameter you use at gym? They look a bit smaller the the Standard #45 which gives you 9" off the floor.
    Since a deeper ROM, will change your pulling mechanics somewhat.

  6. Be honest that isnt the worst DL Ive ever seen, its actually decent. Smaller frame makes me think you may want to add a little more strength to your core (spinal erectors, glutes, and upper abs) They made me more balanced when I hinged my hips back and lessened the stretch towards the last inches after I got below my knee. The form doesn't look bad just add more core work in my opinion. Time being you can add plates to raise the weight up higher to your hands decreasing the total ROM or add RDLs into the mix.
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  7. Get a video with some 45's on there. With those weights and that height, that's a pretty good deficit. Your form will be different.
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