Reviews of Muscle Gain Books?

  1. Reviews of Muscle Gain Books?

    Hi Everyone,

    1. Is there a good, comprehensive review site of "Muscle Gain" e-books?

    I.e. Will Brink's "Bodybuilding Revealed", Anthony Ellis' "Muslce Gain Tips", "Hypertrophy M.A.X."?

    2. Is there a good one for the most efficient fat loss system. I.e. "Tom Venuto's "BurntheFat, Feed the Muscle"?

    I'd like to know which ones are best.

  2. I don't know if Lyle McDonald has an E book specifically, but his writings about the diet(s) are pretty intensive.

  3. If you want something based on evidence, then Schoenfeld's book will likely be a good read. Schoenfeld has published a number of articles on hypertrophy training in the NSCA journal, and I think Layne Norton is involved in it as well.

  4. Things I would recommend everyone read.
    Anabolic Pharmacology seth roberts
    ANABOLICS William Llewellyn
    Hormones, Second Edition Anthony W. Norman (Author), Gerald Litwack (Author, Editor)
    Any and all articles written by HenryV and Patrick Arnold
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance

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