shoes for fuxed up feet

  1. shoes for fuxed up feet

    I have collapsed arches, over pronation and, Plantar fasciitis have yet to find a pair of shoes that really work for me just wondering if anyone here has similar issues and what they recommend. usually rotate between Jordans, shox, and some old ass NB running shoes the shox feel great on my feet but kill my lower back the jordans are pretty good all around but slip on my gyms legpress platform not much to say bout the NBs had em for years any help would be greatly appreciated my feet hurt like hell.
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  2. Look up orthotics by the brand Tayar Made. They Helped me when I used to have exactly the same problems as you. I also love wearing Nike Air Max 90's (hyperfuse).
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  3. the only shoes that can and will help you without custom inserts are running shoes. they are the only shoes made that with different categories to help out different mechanics and gaits. and even then you will have to go to a running specialty store to be fit properly. dont worry, it costs no more than a department stopre full of derps.

    for all other shoes, find a good foot doctor and get orthotics made.

    as for the plantar fasciitis. be prepared to spend months recovering and the likely chance it will come back several times. i used to work at a running specialty store and we would deal with it nearly every day. very common injury and very time consuming to get over. there is no one thing to help, it is consistency with several things.

    stretch the calfs as much as possible. as in several times a day. especially when first getting out of bed. there are socks you can get that can pull the feet up that helps.

    massage, massage, massage and use a golf ball. it will hurt and when you are done it will feel better.

    you can ice to keep down the pain, but i would recommend only using to keep down the pain and not to spee dup recovery. keep it mobile as well throughout the day. the more you sit still and let things tighten up the more it hurts. when you wake up and the pain is diminishing then you are getting over it.

    there are other things you can do and there plenty of websites with great articles. i would go to runners world first.
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  4. +1 on the custom orthotics, a foot doc and a prosthetist can hook you up. Might want to look into some ASTYM for the plantar fasciitis, have had good results, bottles, ball rolling,etc also like the above person said stretch the calves both in straight leg and bent knee positions with a towel, especially when you first get up. Your doc might even mention a night splint that keeps your foot in on those intrisics for the foot. Assuming you don't have any calcaneal heal spurs this should all help.
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  5. I've used custom orthotics for the past 14 years. Why? Because I can! A custom made perfect foot support is 1000x better than a general stock shoe insert. The docs have asked if I have pain, and I just say, no...I just want the customs. Insurance pays for 1 pair/year but the plastic arch part lasts much longer than that.
    Highly recommend! Many pro athletes do as well.

  6. i weight train in thoes toe shoes it feels very natural and i like the feeling, but i wouldnt suggest running in them with thoes probs. when i train at home in my home gym im bare foot just watch your feet and dont drop a plate on them or ur done. lol

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gravitygames View Post
    i weight train in thoes toe shoes it feels very natural and i like the feeling, but i wouldnt suggest running in them with thoes probs. when i train at home in my home gym im bare foot just watch your feet and dont drop a plate on them or ur done. lol
    Dropping a plate on your toes with regular shoes would still smash a toe. I have vibrams as well, great for dead lifts and other leg stuff. They eliminate the cushion which soaks up force you're trying to create. I wear them less now than I used to but lift in my socks quite a bit. Socks restrict my toes though and j don't like that

  8. I am not a person of intelligence on this obviously. but here is my experience

    1. ACL tear , 2 relapses

    2. Plantar F : Multiple times, drives me nuts.

    3. Lots of IPK's

    4. Lots of ankle twists from my days as a soccer player.

    I just think I have crap luck.

    What I wear : Skechers Shapeups SRR or SRT's (both have worked very well for me)

    I know folks have said Nike's and others make particular shoes like that. I think this has worked well for me compared to the other shops.


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