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  1. Talking new split

    New Split. For bulking. Please critique. 6'3 175lbs, 16 y/o


    Chest (11 sets)
    Barbell bench press 4 sets
    Incline barbell bench press 3 sets
    Decline barbell bench press 2 sets
    Incline dumbbell flyes 2 sets


    Back (12 + sets)
    Chins do as many sets until you reach 30 reps
    Barbell rows 4 sets
    close grip chins 3 sets
    Deadlifts 4-5 sets


    Legs (13-16 sets)
    Squats 4-6 sets 6-12 reps
    Leg curls 3 sets
    Leg ext 2-3 sets
    Standing calves 4 sets

    Shoulders (12-14 sets)
    Barbell shoulder press 4 sets
    Arnold presses 4 sets
    seated laterals 2-3 sets
    Bent over laterals 2-3 sets

    Biceps and triceps
    Barbell curl 3 sets
    Preacher curl 3 sets
    Seated dumbbell curl 2 sets
    Close-grip presses 4 sets
    Overhead tri ext 4 sets
    Reverse pressdown 2-4 sets

  2. Not too shabby, looks a lot like mine to be honest. Add more barbell work though, and throw a day off in there or two maybe. 5 days straight is rough brother.

  3. i was thinking of putting shoulders tri and bi's all in one day,friday, and moving legs to thursday and taking wednesday off.. also i forgot to add the shrugs in for the shoulders workout....

    and btw, you're damn quick at replys bro d;]

  4. Originally posted by 40 in 12

    and btw, you're damn quick at replys bro d;]
    This is what ephedrine will do to you....

  5. haha nice, any comments on what i said about switching the days and combining shoulders bi's and tris?

  6. I wouldnt do them all together, you'd be in the gym for awhile, and doing shoulder presses after tri's would be fairly difficult.

  7. your right YJ, thx for pointing that out.


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