Opinions on Program

  1. Opinions on Program

    The first 2 weeks will be all sets of 10 to build my base back up after football season since i have not lifted regularly during the year. After the first 2 weeks I will work down to 8's 6's and even down to 4's at about 12 weeks.


    Bench Pess Flat Bar-4 SETS
    Back Squat-4 SETS
    Bench Press Incline DB-4 SETS
    Step Ups-3 SETS
    Flys Flat-3 SETS
    Leg Curls-4 SETS
    Tri EXT-3 SETS
    Lunges-3 SETS
    SkullCrushers-3 SETS


    Power Cleans-4 SETS
    Sh. Press-4 SETS
    Shrugs DB-4 SETS
    Shrugs Bar-4 SETS
    Deadlift-4 SETS
    Sh. Raises-3 SETS
    Neck-3 SETS



    Incline BP Bar-4 SETS
    Back Squat-4 SETS
    Flat DB BP-4 SETS
    Step Ups-4 SETS
    Incline Flys-3 SETS
    Leg Curls-4 SETS
    Tri Ext-3 SETS
    Lunges-3 SETS
    Skullcrushers-3 SETS


    Power Cleans-4 SETS
    Sh. Press-4 SETS
    Shrugs DB-4 SETS
    Shrugs Bar-4 SETS
    Deadlift-4 SETS
    Sh Raises-3 SETS
    Neck-3 SETS

    I will do abs Mon Wed Fri during this time. I know a lot of you will think this is CRAZY overtraining but i had really good gains last year off a similar program last year....Feel free to add in lifts or sets or whatever you feel should be changed cuz i really wana hear your imput...thanks a lot guys..

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  3. i'm stil gonna say that's overtraining, not only for a specific muscle group but on your CNS

    i'd throw out some of that stuff and alternate them each workout
    like mondays do you really need to do both step ups and lunges?
    why not pick one each monday and alternate?

    good luck man

  4. thats very true with the step ups and lunges...last year i only did step ups on thursday and never did lunges..it probably is too much doing both on both days.

  5. looking more at it do you need both bar and db shrugs in the same workout? also cleans and deadlifts in the same workout would destroy my CNS and i'd need a lot of time to recover

    instead of working each muscle group 2x a week as you are doing now why not spread it out 1x over the course of the week?

    keep in mind you don't grow in the gym, you grow out of the gym while resting and recovering

    muscles don't need to be constantly beaten up, in fact they need quite the opposite

    i have to run to my contracts class now but i would definitely consider splitting monday and tuesdays workouts up over the course of the week (plus its almost counter productive to be in the gym longer than an hour)

    just my 2 cents


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